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A nice shock for a change.

Mustafa came for the PowerNight meeting tonight. He got invited by Justin for I.F as well (at least the former's doing his role in helping out!). At least I'll be sure there are parties involved who might take care of Mustafa when I'm gone & departed. *LOL*

Mustafa explains that its worst in Saudi Arabia because men and women cannot simply talk to someone of the opposite gender there... You had to be a brother & sister, father, mother or relative of some sort. Even cousins of opposite gender have it difficult! Malaysia might not be as bad as Saudi Arabia, but to us (non-Muslim Malaysians, that is!) it might seem a bit extreme. He continues to explain that is also the reason why Saudi Arabians first find it nerve-wrecking when they have to talk to someone of the opposite gender when they first enter a Western country like Australia, America or the U.K.

Also too in Saudi Arabia, Muslims are born into and die in their faith (about the same in Malaysia, but we don't kill those who try to convert out however..... we just have 5 years of court cases that reaches to Western and International Media and wasting a lot of lawyers money and making headlines about religious freedom in this country.). In summary, it seems that whatever laws that apply in Malaysia (magnify its significance by about 250% in Saudi Arabia for its effect).

The pastor was definitely given a nice shock because its the first time we ever had a Saudi Arabian in our midst.. we've had mostly Asians, whites, PNGs, Indigeneous, etc.. but not a Saudi Arabian. It's definitely a nice change.

Edna actually came up to give an entire speech of "nurturing your seed" and watering it... I certainly think it was brave of her to come up and say what was truly in her heart all this while. We wanted to head off to Coffee Club/Angel Cafe, but it was already closed by the time we packed up. Oh well. So we headed off to Matt's watch Police Academy I. Interesting scenes indeed....

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