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Have you taken your Courtesy vitamin today?

One of the things I realised (and found out the hard way!) today is that wherever we are, courtesy is something that is appreciated by all stratas of society in whichever culture or country you are.

Coming from a culture where parents do not praise their children or vocalise their appreciation for a person's achievements, assistance or work is something that I bring along with me unconsciously. How the youngsters, or the youth behave partially comes from what they have seen in the environment and has been modelled by their parents at home. There are many times we don't realise that we act the way we do and it remains dormant until situations force us to deal with a similar situation in another context.

As reference to the previous post, is the point that I would like to bring out. Most Asians, at least for the Chinese families in Malaysia have a tendency to treat their employees, juniors as well as household aide (especially those who origin from the lower-socioeconomy countries) with much disregard.

Disregard in the sense that their feelings are ignored, and sometimes made to feel like second class citizens. Although non-indigenous and non-malays in the country where I come from complain about their treatment as akin to second class citizens, they too forget that they treat many foreign workers and employees with the same disregard too. In essence the pot calling the kettle black...

I relate this as my friend, Annie who works as an au-pair in America acknowledges that if she had done the same kind of work in Malaysia as she is in the States, she may be regarded with the SAME disregard and contempt as other household aides in Malaysia do. In fact, the family in with whom she is engaged in regulated employment as an au-pair regard her as a member of the family and is accorded financial priviledges in other ways.

The question is how many of us in Asia, as least particularly in Malaysia would do the same for their employees? Let's ask ourselves this question for those who are holding a position of authority....

In summary, I guess what I am trying to point out here is that a little, and much courtesy goes a long way. Show & demonstrate your appreciation not only to just people who work under you, but to people you love, i.e. friends, relatives and especially your children. Sometimes people want & need to hear that you care about what they have done even if they had never asked.

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