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Culture Shock...

I wonder what will happen when I return to Malaysia in the long term?

There I was checking my UK Yahoo based email, when I saw a UK ad saying "you bring your right to vote wherever you go". Out of curiosity, I decided to do some Googling to find out if we Malaysians have the same obligation... well well....

After having assimilated (well, at least some of it anyways! ) the culture here in Australia, I'd think one will be horrified to return to their own country to find things such as this and this. No wonder Aussies are appalled at our manners when we come here.


What can I say? Malaysians are brought up in such a culture. What are the allegations?
- We don't queue at the bank.
- We don't queue for the bus.
- We never give way when driving.
- We have no manners.

All Australian citizens of legal age are expected to vote. The right to vote is much expounded here. Citizens who miss out on voting for a certain number of times will be fined by authorities...

I Google to find blogs where there are Malaysians who want to vote whilst overseas. However when some decide to exercise their right to vote, the personnel at the Embassies or Consulates discourage them from doing so with the alleged reason that it will only give them more work. =P

Malaysia could really do well in taking some tips from Australia...(not saying that Australians are innocent of any blood shed of any kind either!)

So much for democracy. Yeah, Go Malaysia!

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