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Counting the days...

It's about 2 weeks to my leave of Toowoomba.. after which its to new pasture at Kiwiland and city of the Opera Harbour. One of my other mates, Kevin is also leaving after having spent three years here. I am sure he will miss this place just as much. ^_^

It has been a long two years. I never once thought that I'd ever make it out of this place. A place so deserted that buses come only once every hour. I have almost got used to it. Shops close by 6 o'clock. Sun comes out at 4.45am.

It'll be my birthday in a couple of days. I don't know if other people get edgy and distracted on those days preceding their birthdays, but I do. I have been losing my temper over the smallest things. I guess it must be one of those things that happen anyways....

I have a new housemate, Mustafa from Saudi Arabia. He came for one of the Revival meetings held by I.F at Glenvale. He's the first Saudi Arabian that I have come in contact with and to have come for a evangelistic meeting. Having lots of Chinese, Asians and White come to attend our meeting. Having a Saudi Arabian in the midst of the meeting is definitely something different. If he were from Malaysia, I would bet all my money that he would not show any interest in attending.

(Actually, the last Malaysian Muslim Indian whom I met spent more time drinking, smoking and clubbing at the Uni Club). Mustafa had first hand experience of watching people being "slain in the spirit" during the Revival meeting. It's either he's open to it, or he'll be truly shocked with the whole experience.. coz I know a lot of people are shocked by the latter.

Recently about 28 + 40 others got their car tyres slashed. When I first saw it, I thought that someone must have been going around doing it out of spite... Mustafa thought that they might have left their cars there too long... Well, now we know that these sort of things happen in a sleepy place like Toowoomba.. Well, when that happens, you know its big news. Yes, and it came out in the local dailies.... and on the tv news...

Anyways, today I went down to Cash Converters. Seng Yee and I went down by bus and walked around the CBD like lost puppies looking for the place. I thought it was at the initial spot, but real spot was more than a km away! I asked John to come as we needed someone with an Australian ID. (Yup, that's what Cash Converters expect you to show ...something of an Australian ID). Yeah, and they don't buy shoes.

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