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Be Still.....

I've sort of made up my mind about what to do now. Though I have yet to go in and see the lecturer in charge. Not so much that I want to repeat my practical, but because I want to go in to say my defence. The rest of it I will leave it to the Lord to handle.

What am I going to do now? I will try to "BE STILL" and just finish the rest of my assignments. To try to take the time to have an emotional and physical rest which I am supposed to but have not very much done successfully in any way for this past one week!

Just to digress here, I have something on my mind now after seeing some pictures posted on a friend's profile. I just came back from lunch with some mates at the uni and among them is one that I really heart...

I know that we all would like to spend as much time with the person we love or enjoy their company. That includes me. I know that too, coz it's just human nature. However after having gone through what I have in the past few weeks (actually about 6 weeks and more ago), I realise that we will always try to justify and rationalise our decisions with all kinds of excuses even after we have been told NO.

Yet there will be the day (at least for me) when the Lord will come upon me (which He has!) and ask "Have I not told you what which I did? Why do you still disobey Me? Do you not Trust that I will provide the Mate for you in your life?".

Like seeds thrown on rocky ground, when hardships come or other things of the world that come upon us, we abandon the Lord & do not believe that He will pull us through. Yet the Lord will still honour our decisions for He has given us a free-will. He still blesses us in spite of what we choose because He honours our decisions. For marriages He disdains divorce of any sort.

But if we wait upon Him for the right mate He has for us in our lives, HOW MUCH MORE will He bless us because He truly knows us as we are!

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