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Some last things...

My housemate came to talk to me about something deep... she said that the Lord revealed to her something personal that I had an issue to work with it. I must admit that I feel ... touched that the Lord would send someone to talk to me about it.

But anyways....

There are some things on my mind now that my course of study is coming to a close in the next couple of months.. about four to five months from will be a busy time indeed.

There are two places that I would like to visit before I head back to Kay El. That is, namely the first is New Zealand. The second, Sydney. I just (only realised) that Caroline and Yong Shin are in Melbourne, and not Sydney. *lol*. (wondering where my brain was all this while....Zzz).

I also realized that I (would definitely) have complications in completing my final 5-week pract in December, as that would definitely be too rushed.. and there is a 6-week (elementary) school holiday before I can start any pract at all!

There is a probability that I would have to look for a job within those 6 weeks, and take that time to tour the places I want to go before heading back (like for the long-term) back to Kuala Lumpur and starting my life as a permanent long-term employee for the rest of my life till I die..... *LOL*.

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