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I'm coming home!

Well, sort of...jst not so soon....

I told my parents what happened at pract. Specifically my mom obviously. They gave me their word and blessing to go home now (if I wanted to!) without having to worry about the outcome of my practs & all . .

Its really like this huge burden that has been lifted off my shoulder, and I can finally breathe. Thank You God for preparing me before going in to see my lecturer. At least now I know what options are available for me to make now...

My housemates thought it was the hand of God working because I know how most parents can be. When I was taking my shower, I could feel that He was prompting me to call them, and it was time to do it. Like He was telling me, "Chea-Yee, Chea Yee, its time to do it now. Do it now!"

I'm so happy...I can finally go home!! I thought I'll never see the end of uni ever!

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