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Good news!

Although I was panicking about my professional experience placement last week, yet when I opened my mail this morning, I received word from the administrator, Sally that they found me a private Catholic school. I am not sure how to get there, but I believe I will make it there. I am so HAPPY!! My lecturer also gave me an uncalled extension (due to my circumstances) to my final unit plan assignment....! Praise the Lord!

I called my cousin in NZ (they're 3 hours later) and they are aware of my plans of coming aboard. My aunt and uncle (their grandparents) are also coming it's likes a year-end family cousin gathering. LoL. Apparently my cousin bro, Adrian is also currently down there as well. Well, seems like a lot of people are coming down as well. Heh.

Yesterday a mate of mine, SY asked me to call him. The first thing he asked me was, how did I know that the things I knew did come to pass? The second was doesn't it hurt to be in the presence of someone who doesn't return the same sentiments that one has for them?

Well, my answer to the first was one has to make choices in circumstances that they know will come to past, and to avoid situations which could aggravate it even further.

The answer to the second one was.....well, there really isn't any answer but YES. I mean, for a person to put up a picture of one's dearest one is a human thing to do. But to make mention of it too will also only aggravate the situation further as well. Sometimes there are some things which are better left unsaid.... I know you saw it. Although I was hoping you didn't. But no matter, thank you for caring about how I feel.

There's one thing I am trying to learn and do today. When we pray to the Lord, we MUST believe that it will come to pass. Our actions must be out of faith that we believe that our prayers will come to pass and we MUST act as if we already have it.

Unbelieving prayers is the same as having no prayers at all.

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