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Chee Cheong Fun. Tau Foo Fa.

To the avid friends of mine,

I think you realise that I have been having a craving for dim sum for a long time...when I went to Sunny banks last week, we could not make it for Yum-Cha, because everyone was dilly-dallying ...

You could pretty much say that I was annoyed...*whatever*. To go down all the way there ...and still no Yum-Cha.

I thought I managed to procure "borax" which is an essential ingredient in the making of chee-cheong-fun, but it turned out to be gypsum powder. =P. Stupid packaging.

To cut the story short, since I found some food blogs on the internet recently, I decided to try them out..

I didn't take any photos (too bad ;-)

If you're wondering, Chee-Cheong-Fun is essentially steamed rice flour roll with shrimps and spring onions. Eaten with soy sauce and sweet sauce (depending on whether you want to make it or not).

Anyways, the chee-cheong-fun turned out...well...*edible*. What I normally do before trying out a recipe is search for the same recipe in a few places, and compare the different ways they create that particular dish. From there, I am able to gauge and adapt the recipe to the resources that is available at home.

My first attempt at the chee-cheong-fun was.... a bit soft. So I looked at what was missing....cold water after steaming the roll. And I realised that I had not completely stirred the thickener (corn flour) in to the batter after leaving it to "rest". After that, the dish just seemed to cook better.

I made a batch for two of my housemates... since they are Kenyans, they weren't really too used to eating it..
*Heh*. Anyway as I was eating it, I realised that those guys who sell it in KL are making a lot of money from it as the raw materials cost like less than RM0.20 or less.... what we're actually paying is for the cost of labour!

Tau Foo Faa is essentially co-agulated Soya Bean Milk. It is co-agulated using Gypsum Powder.. to my surprise, I jst found out that there is actually a dish called Coagulated Milk (using Ginger) which is a HK dish! Amazing!

Anyways, the "Tau Foo Faa" didn't turn out that well. Had a bit of problem co-agulating it.. Not sure whether it was the temperature, the co-agulater, or both. Will have to work that out next time.. Just have to drink it like soya bean drink. Ha ha....

The next thing I want to make is chicken floss...apparently it is easy to make. According to the recipe I found anyways. I can't believe how much we pay for it..because all of us in KL are too used to eating out and never cook. No wonder we are so retarded at cooking.

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