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By this time next year...

One thing I can this time next year if I am (which I should be) back in Kay El,

I won't be cooking at home....In fact, i'll be in the office working long hours till 5-6pm or later. My dinner will be the RM3 (or less) hand-packed fattening nasi-lemak (which I lurve) at the stall in Tmn Desa. and having roti-canai for lunch everyday. I will be detesting my maid's cooking because my mother won't be cooking either. =P

I won't have time to cook (just as I have done when I was in Kay El back early this year, and my cooking skills will deteriorate) and in another 3 years time, I might forget how to cook. =P

What else?
I might be going on mission trips with my CG people.

I might also be going to bible college.

I might also be spending a lot of time with Asta, Zen, Jess, Chloe, Yuen-Yee, Aaron, Bell, David.S at week-nights and on Saturday evenings after service. Maddie, and Wendy might be preparing for their weddings... (which should be soon =P ) & too busy to entertain me. Katherine will be married by this time...

Who knows, by this time I might actually finally have met the man of my dreams.. *ha ha ha*.

I would also be driving everywhere (no more taking public transportation, woo hoo!!) and most likely be going out every night (as usual)...

However in the turn of events, I might be working in Singapore (as the business expands!) and meet other people instead or I might apply to migrate to Australia. (who knows?).

People say that I should migrate elsewhere due to the current political environment which is brewing back home. It is always easier said than done.. as the bulk of my many friends are in Kay El, I don't think I would be migrating (so soon yet..even if I were to). Peers my age who are at the same stage in life (hopefully!) and out in the workforce. They have known me for quite a while (and hopefully understand me.. I hope!)

I do know many people come to Australia (and developed a network of close friends here). For me, the difference lies in the generational and interest gap which exists... Hence there lies the relational difficulty..

In the mean-time, it is time to stop ruminating about the future and head back to my books.... =P

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Rolan Stein said...

"My dinner will be the RM3 (or less) hand-packed fattening nasi-lemak (which I lurve) at the stall in Tmn Desa. and having roti-canai for lunch everyday."

Oh YES! I'm not Malaysian, but as an Aussie with a near-obsession for good food, 3 weeks in Malaysia earlier this year were enough to ensure I will never be the same again! Your mention of roti-canai for lunch had me drolling all over the keyboard (must sit straighter). You must be hanging out to get back to KL and all that FANTASTIC nosh!

Australia's not bad for food, great variety etc, but can't compare with Malaysia for value or the extreme quality of street food, especially Indian. I spent 3 months in India and thought the best of the Indian food I had in Malaysia was far better than anything I had in India!

For some reason, people here are generally not attracted to Malaysia as a travel destination. Their loss. I won't tell them what they're missing out on with food if you don't, ok? I honestly think Malaysia is the best Asian food destination (and that's really saying something, since Thai has long been my favourite, and just about all the Asian cuisines are damned good).

Cheers! :)

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