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To be Moses.

I had given this as a testimony last Friday at a student's night meeting, but I thought I would add this as part of my entry collection as this is a read that could be of benefit to others.

The last few weeks, especially in dealing with the many complications that I have experienced with the members of the group, as well as the church, has been one that has continually challenged, yet has also strengthened me.

I know that the Lord has shown how much I can learn from the character of Moses. The Lord is indeedly great in what He does for us, or to us for that matter. I was reflecting upon this matter as I was watching the movie Evan Almighty at my friend's home yesterday night.

Evan Almighty is the parody of a man, who had been assigned to build an ark. The reason for him to build is yet unknown, and when the entire city laughs at him, the wife decided to take his wife and 3 children to her parent's. Yet one day, God (in the form of Morgan Freeman) appears to her when she is having a meal at this diner telling her that God doesn't build families, but gives them opportunities to become intimate families.

I believe that through these "opportunities" throughout the year so far, He has continually built up my faith in small pieces. Indeed I see much of myself reflected in the character of Moses, whom God changes and chips at his personality to become a man who was a stutterer & relied on his brother Aaron to be his spokesperson and finally to be THE spokesperson himself to speak to the Pharoah of Egypt himself!

To only just read about the story of Moses and to actually live it out are two different things. I believe that the Lord prepared me for this beforehand. I know (and to all who have known my story), the problems I have had gone through, and yet I believe these same "opportunities" have made me more fearsome, and stronger.

Not bitter but joyful because as I look back, I realise how much the Lord has made me learn to deal with the issues I am facing. One who was fearful of confrontations. One who afraid to make a simple phonecall. One who was always waiting for someone to be mediator, and not realising how much of the problems could have been solved had she faced the issue straight on ....

Now that I look back at it, I believe the Lord has been wanting me to do the very things I had refused on doing.... I guess He could have made things easier for me, but He did not by letting things remain difficult for me so I had no other choice but to do it.

How much of my identity I have found in Christ! Thank you God for your love to us and how much you understand us!

Praise the Lord!

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