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Frustration & Atonement.

Last week, I had a friend whom I had invited to the potluck. As the person who invited her, I felt responsible to ensure that she had an enjoyable time during the event. Unfortunately, that didn't work out as I thought it could.

Out of an entire house full overflowing with people, it really made me so seething mad that no one had the sensitivity nor were observant enough to come and talk to her, even after I had given some prompting.

The other was that I was feeling really sick on Wednesday. You know the old adage, misery loves company? I called up people during that period of time, and what was most exasperating was that people neither answered, nor returned the call. Its hard to put into words how I felt during that period of time, but after which I just felt that it was really much too difficult a task for me to have to speak to the people involved.

During those few days, I decided that a time of isolation would do me much good in helping me to put things into perspective. I decided to skip on the friday youth meetings, as well as any appearance of mine throughout the weekend, and keep a low profile.

However last sunday, instead of heading to the church which I normally did, I decided to head to the one that my housemate attends. It was a good (excuse) for me to check out other churches as I had not really done that in a long long time...

I was asked to go to a new mate's home (for the reason of an assignment discussion). It was there that the people (it was a group of them la) had asked me about my disappearance, and I frankly and directly told them about what that happened.

How shall I say what the result of it was?

The next few succeeding days saw an improvement in my demeanor. On a more positive note, I would say that on the day of my disappearing act, there were others few who had done the same. Surprisingly maybe due to lack of "volume" that I am renowned for, I guess people noted that I was not present more than others... :-P

Today I decided to head down to Brisbane for a lawatan tergempar with Kevin, Seng Yee, John & (of course) met up with Aaron at Roma St. Station. Normally I do not partipate in these outings as I am one who plan my outings (to maximise my time there, of course!) but I have absolutely no idea what drove me to do that. If Kevin had said so earlier, we would have booked a car down to Brisbane and not have needed to walk a la Amazing Race, as Aaron aptly calls it. I did enjoy my time talking to the group (and Aaron was his...umm... Aaron self). Which reminds me I should not take what he says too seriously at any time soon...

I would loved to have met up with Jason, & Leon, but of course it was too tergempar for that to happen.. Maybe another time le...

At this point of time, there are only a few issues on top of my head... My assignment due next week (Friday to be exact), my pract (that starts after the semester break), and this issue with a a group leader that I have been keeping my distance from (and hopefully it will work out for the best).

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