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Promptings & Premonitions.

By now I am sure that practically the entire world would have heard of the collapse of the I-35 W Bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. I was at Justin's place some days back, and we were watching the news (one of those rare occasions where the television was actually turned on!). It was a bit of a shocker...

My heart goes out to those and the loved ones of those who were stuck at those bridges. I am sure by now, the authorities in the States will be checking every bridge for signs of cracks or those which have been declared "unsafe" just to avoid a similar incident.

Now you might ask, why prompting & premonitions? As a Christian, I have heard many testimonies been shared by those who have avoided these near fatal accidents, & incidents of similar nature. The Christian world is one that deals with the human spirit, the soul, demons, angels, miracles and prayers, and many of our dealings are of these nature.

An example is a mate, Matt who shared with the congregation last year that he once had this prompting to pray on one particular day, but he ignored it the entire day until finally he could not. So he finally said a short prayer, and it so happened on that same evening, when he was out driving his car at night, he had almost nearly got himself into a fatal accident because he had almost driven off the road on an unlighted road. (How he got himself there, we still have no idea...)

My friend Chloe once shared with the cell group that there was one time she was in the midst of her work at midnight (!) at home, when she felt a prompting telling her to call up a friend. Actually, she had the prompting to call her all day, but she also ignored it until finally she called her up. Very much time later only did Chloe found out that this friend of hers was actually contemplating suicide that night and was about ready to put the knife on her hand when she called!

Now what if you didn't obey the prompting? My new housemate Myriam, told me that last year she had this prompting where she didn't want to leave her home for an evening service, but she still went out. Normally she is quite happy to go out and join the service, but on that evening she had an uneasy feeling where she didn't want to go out of the home. However she ignored it. As a result of not obeying this prompting, when she came home that night, they found out that someone had broken into her home and ransacked through the possessions.

Believers call this the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I believe that there are actually many more similar cases like these but we probably are not aware of it. Have I ever been prompted by the Holy Spirit?.....Err....actually I am not too sure about that, but I did have a prompting one day during my pract last year.

I had a feeling that the pract liasion was coming in that day, and I was very sure she was coming in, eventhough she didn't inform me about it. It turned out my intuition was correct, and I had brought the documentation I needed to show her! *Phew!*

From a biblical stance, believers will say that the Holy Spirit prompts them so as to warn them of future accidents, misfortunes or for protection of their loved ones. Hence you can see that sensitivity to the voice or prompting of the Holy Spirit is an important ability that believers have to develop.

In my experience, I have come to believe that the HS speaks to both believers and non-Christians. How many times have many of us have had a change of decision, or decided to do something else instead due to promptings which we receive? I believe that this is not just because of our loved ones interceding in prayer for us, but also His innate love to protect all of us and keep us from accidents and death.

In my heart I was asking myself, how many people were actually warned or had a prompting to stay home that day, or away from the bridge, or to change routes before crossing the I-35 W Bridge that evening? I really believe there were.

We only hear of those who were involved in these accidents, but what of those who did escape it? It would be good to hear what they have to say.

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Jaeboy said...

There are things that are hard to tell and explain in life. I don't believe in god but I reckon there is something beyond our grasp and understandings that makes us do 'things'.

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cheayee said...

hei James!!

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