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Bed, bed, I couldn't get to bed

My head's too light to try to set it down,

Sleep, Sleep, I couldn't go to sleep,

Not for all the jewels in the world....

Well, that was the case for the first days of this week anyways.

I have been readjusting my body clock to heading to bed earlier. I am one of those typical Asian students who sleep late and wake up late. Of course, in the Australian context, sleeping early should be easy. Most Australians sleep as early as 10.30 pm, and wake up as early at 5am. Most parties (at least for working people) end early.

The Austalian context helps too, as the sun is up as early as 4.45am (especially in summer) or as late as 6.30 (in winter). The sun sets at by 5pm (in winter) or as late as 6.30. Since I started the second semester, I have found myself to be about the only Asian in class. At least in most of my courses for this semester, and the previous. The fact that I have group tasks this semester stresses the importance of my being able to interact with the other local Aussie classmates in order to complete my assignments.

One of the first things I did (to at least get in line with them), is to actually sleep about the same hours. So far, it has been easy as my own friends have been reminding me about it *lol*. I was surprised to hear that they actually wake up as early as 5am....I don't know if I can ever do that, now....or more so when I get back to Malaysia, as the sun does not rise till about 7am.

Technically this is about the same for KL-ians, as I know that most of my friends (who are working) can no longer stay out late. The only difference in the Malaysian context is that we don't get paid for O.T and are still expected to come to work on time in the morning.

That's the only thing I can't stand about our Malaysian working life!

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jasonphoon said...

I don't like working in msia too with all the OT and no OT pay .. sighh

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