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40 Days of Community

Recently the church I am currently attending started on the 40 Days of Community. I was doing the 40 Days of Purpose with my cellgroup back in KL previously about 2 years back. (Although I can't really remember what we did in then!)

Anyways, the purpose of 40 Days of Community is to follow up with the principles that were "learnt" in the prior 40 Days of Purpose. Which may not necessarily be the case with all current members, although that might have been the stipulated conditions.

We drew lots and were assigned into groups according to the lots chosen. I had my reason for swapping groups with Jiaren... meanwhile, Aaron wanted to spend more time with him, so he willingly did that! (Sorry, Steph!! *haha*)

My group is led by this old but spunky English lady who was amazingly, one who had links with substance abuse and tattoos all over her body, but has completely changed her personality since her encounter with the Lord 5 years ago. *Amen!*

The structure of this program goes that every Friday, all members of the cell group will come together for the next 6 weeks and debrief on the reflections and outcomes of their journaling as they go through the reading in the text (Yes, it's real journaling and a real textbook!).

Participants of the cell group are not necessarily members of the church, nor are they Christians. The participation of this 40 Day journey provides them an avenue for wanting to contribute back and help out with the community, and the final culminating event to end this 40 day journey is a day spent helping out with refurbishment work at this public state school in Harlaxton. The school is lacking in many resources, with many of the student population coming from a lower socio-economic background.

Last night I started writing Day 1 of the journal which poses the question "What is Love?".
How many of the things we do are actually motivated by selfish interests? I believe that a lot of us are, and I am not afraid to admit that I fall under that category too. I do remember reading that the Lord looks not at our actions, but mostly the intentions behind it. .

One of my lawyer friends once commented a long time ago that when we start helping others less fortunate than us & see how much they have lacking, we then start to focus less on ourselves and give thanks & be grateful for what we have.

I do believe that by the end of these 40 days, perhaps the Lord will reveal to me, and many others many things about ourselves, and perhaps change us to become a more loving people and learn to care more about others.

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