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Dreams: Too life like to be dream like

It was really too much of a coincidence...

I had the most interesting dream today. I had a dream of someone (who IRL was very much different), and then I was awoken by the phone ringing. It was Avadhut who was leaving for Sydney.

Then the next I found myself doing was running downstairs (not having washed up yet! Horrors!) opening the door and found myself face to face with the same person in my dream IRL driving the van to pick Avadhut up.

I thought it'd be James, but it wasn't! It was too much of a coincidence but I didn't want to mention anything until everyone had gone. Neither did I want to needlessly tell the driver!
Let me just say that I do believe that this is the first time I actually had a conversation with the person for more than 5 lines..... *sad, huh?*

Who is the person?


Like I am going to tell you!

It is said that dreams are a manifestation of your deepest desires that you do not dare display in real life. It is also a way of communicating something innate a person should take heed. I really do wonder what that is.

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