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1st sem results out!

Results were out yesterday. As usual, the same thing that happened in December last year, happened again. I did not get the grade I was supposed to get as the lecturer did not tabulate in the score for 2 of my courses, so yes they are still pending! Anyways, I scored an A for ECE3030 and a B for ECE3019. All glory to God!

Okay, going to be a bit ir-relevent here....

I was MSN-ing my crazy friend Miaw Yng (yes the one in Tasmania now). We were talking about our pending return to our homeland after our graduation, when out of the blue, I suddenly asked if she knew who Lee Hom was (right, like she must be spastic to not know who he is...) Anyway, I was surprised when she told me that she performed with him in the orchestra...

What? You don't remember meh? There, that time when he came to Malaysia in 1998 (or was it 1999?) Well, she said she was about 14 then. Obviously she managed to get his autograph (like who wouldn't?) and take a picture with him. People who perform in orchestras sure get to go places...*sigh*.

Lucky girl. Ha ha. I still cant believe we were at the same event and became uni mates 7 years later....(LOL). Hei people, who wants to take a hike down to Hobart now??

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Ringo said...

You have been cheesed! Muahahha.

Reference: I came i saw i cheesed you

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