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Pak Lah re-married?

What ???...

That's the thing about being a student stuck in a place isolated from practically the rest of the world..*hmmm*. Unless we surf the other Malaysian blogs, or hang out at blogs like Kenny Sia (which incidentally did not mention anything), I would not have found out that Pak Lah re-married.

Pak Lah, btw, is the Malaysian Prime Minister whose first spouse, Kak Endon died 2 years ago, and he has re-married this Eurasian lady Jeanne Danker Abdullah ( a divorcee) on June 9th 2007.

Jeanne Danker Abdullah is a 53 year old Eurasian lady who has 2 grown-up daughters, and happens to be the Kak Endon's ex-sister in law. 53? You're kidding....and here we are young farts complaining that there is no one in sight. *LOL*.

It also sounds a bit incestuous to marry your ex-sister in law (like those racy American novels...). Then again your own wife has already passed away, but a human has his needs right? Imagine, marrying your own house keeper (like The Nanny). Yes, she was both an ex-sister in Law, and the housekeeper. Just that she is neither of that anymore now!! *Grin*

Well, Congrats to the PM. May you have a happy *ahem* night life, you spunky old man!

(ref: Pic. from JeffOoi ScreenShots)
Sophie's world: New Malaysian First Lady P3
ScreenShots: Selamat Pengantin Baru Pak Lah & Jeanne


KA® said...

do keep tabs on events happening in Malaysia at The Star Online ....

cheayee said...

he he.....

now I know la. but I don't really like The STar. They are quite prejudiced.

KA® said...

well that's the case with main stream media ... biasness with prejudice ... but what can you do? haiz ... i wonder how will we progress with things going this way?

Perhaps you could check out the following sites ...

cheayee said...

Ha ha... I do check out some of them actually. However for malaysiakini have to subscribe, kan?

Any press that writes anything against the grain dies out in malaysia unless they have strong political backer. *sigh*

we all know which ones they are lar...(just find out which party they belong to).

malaysians have grown up afraid of the government in malaysia. but seriously, after coming to australia, i realised that all political parties are almost similarly alike in some manner or something.

the question is how much freedom is accorded in that country.

For example, people in HK (during the british rule) have had a kind of freedom that the new generation under the SAR government will not have, and they will most likely revert back to the way China has been run for centuries.

I know this for sure as the people I hang out with are from HK , and they tell me this is what is happening over in their country.
Initially I tot HK was like our country, but it also dpends on where the ruling govt comes from.

As for Malaysia, I am sure that you have seen what happens when we write even something bad about a politician. the next day, the police will be at your door.

cheayee said...

When I say politicians, I mean the majority "ruling" party politician.

According to my HongKie friends, anybody can stand in front of the parliament and have a strike. the names will (obviously) be blacklisted and the individuals won't be able to return to China,but the police won't come and look for your home. In fact, there are at least minimum 10 strikes in a year....but the govt. couldn't be bothered with what the rakyat does.

HarbX said...

I think NST is also as one sided, but they do carry a little more news.

I find Lim Kit Siang's blog quite good as well to keep up to date with what's happening with the opposition.

I guess the only way for us Malaysians to really know what's happening is to do lots of online reading and blog hopping. :(

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