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Transformers on Wednesday! The initial plan was to head down with the IF people to catch it. But it seems that it did not fall through very well. Well, guess what? If even they want to watch movies in future, I will not agree to going with them unless they "actually" fall through with their plan. I am rather disappointed with James however. I mean, I'd expect someone to return a call when they promise to.

Nonetheless, I managed to get someone to go watch with me (who shows interest in the movie). He had every intention to watch it too. So there! I don't like people telling me that they are going to *promise* to do something, but don't keep their word. That's not a really nice thing to do. When someone says something, I expect them to fall through with it!

Anyway yeah, I'll be heading down to Brisbane on Thursday with a mate. Bunking over at my cousin Adrian's. Will spare you guys some pictures if we take any new ones.

Much later in the night....

One of my mates told me that he'd be down in UQ to do his IELTS exam. It is really an amazing co-incidence. I had in mind to take the bus for the trip back, but this is really a blessing in disguise indeed.


jasonphoon said...

you're coming to brisbane ??!! lets meet up !

anyways , my num is 0430 033 051 . sms me or something ya

fellow malaysian !!!

cheayee said...

Hei hei...

Fellow malaysian!! hows life in brisbane? Yeah, am bunking ovr @ my couz's. No idea what plans are yet tho. will decide when we arrive there or something. LOL.

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