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Meh meh - d by Cheeser!!!

Me take the first one of her meh-meh. the 2nd wan...dont have lor. Since I'll be away, here's a me-me to keep you entertained for the weekend.

1) I do not sleep naked. I get a cold.

2) I am lactose intolerant. If I drink more than one glass of milk, I'll be hauling ass to the toilet every 50 minutes. Except if it is cheese-cake. That one cannot resist.

3) I love curry crabs. With toast. Yum Yum.. Refer to my March '07 archive.

4) I don't signal when I cut lanes. I know! My HK friend, Alan complained when he was in KL.

5) I am the BEST kisser in the world. Ask my previous guyfriends, teddy bears and puppies.

6) People say I resemble Sandra Bullock. She is my god-sister. You don't know meh?? You blind ah??.

7) I think Lee Hom looks better now......without his shaggy hair. (You agree, kan??)

8) This is a really random me-me laaaaaaa.

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