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Blogger meet-up (impromptu one, at least).

To the rest of the bloggers out there, since a fellow blogger has written in, I will write in this entry. (I doubt many people will be reading this.. still as the self-proclaimed vainpot, I MUST do what I have to do! Hehe).

Ok, fellow Malaysian bloggers (and others alike!), I will be meeting fellow Malaysian blogger, Jason in Brisbane. I will be down for 3 days, bunking over in Indooropilly. My tentative arrival at Roma St. Bus station is set on Thursday afternoon. A good place to meet up will be in town, near Queen St. Mall.

Day: Friday. Meeting place: Hungry Jacks, 12pm. (intersection between George St. & Queen St.)

My tentative plans in Brisbane will be reconnecting ties with cousin and mates, having dim sum brekkie, tentative Mexican cuisine (for dinner plans), and mostly just a lot of walking, shopping and cam-whoring around with fellow gal friend, Steph (who incidently is just as much of a cam-whore herself). Ha ha ha.

You guys who want to meet up, please leave your details here. Jason, DO pass the news on. Thanks.


jasonphoon said...

wah ! it's become a blogger meeting ! haha.

heyyy , we met each other before blogging okaaay .. so I'm not just a blogger friend.

Okay , I'll bring more malaysians if you want me too !

cheayee said...

kwah kwah kwah....

Did i meet you before this meh? *scratches head*

Ok .... according to my friend Kevin,there is a Hungry Jacks, and Cafeteria, near Queen St. Mall. I can't really think of any other umm budget makan area.

If you can think of another budget makan area...maybe StarBucks?
(opposite the Brisbane Art Museum)

or something of that kind. :-P

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