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2007: My Trip Down Brisbane, Eats: Sun Fay Chinese Restaurant

How was the trip to Brisbane? It was great!

Thursday: Steph and I took the 11.30 Toowoomba Transit bus to Roma St. We went out for Mexican in the evening. It was a fairly cold night.

El Torito.

Pork Burrito (i think)

Current dish no.20. No idea what it is called.

Eric had made the booking for El Torito, a mexican restaurant in SouthBank at 6.30. That was seriously an oversight on his part, coz the traffic was slow-moving then! South Bank is the area which is considered a bit like the "Bangsar" area of Brisbane. A bit up-market, in other words.

A word of advice: Make your booking at 7.30pm. You may have to wait 30mins -1 hour to get your order served. The restaurant seems to have some policy of serving all the orders at the same time, so the customers may have to wait until all the orders have been made in order to get their orders served. Geddit??

Friday: Past. Yew Meng & Jonathan T. thought I was still in Toowoomba. Lol.
Met up with Jason P. in front of Hungry Jacks. Well, actually at the Regent..which is a cinema down further on Queen St. I totally could not make him out, as I was looking for a fella with squinty eyes!

We met up with Leon, a mate of his and a fellow Malaysian from QUT and his housemate, Kenny. The trio reminded me of Jiaren!! Steph decided to jump ship and headed back to Toowoomba at mid-afternoon. We then headed to the Food Court at WinterGarden, where another Hanaichi franchise was found.

Steph with her craving for Ramen in the morning. Cant remember the name of the restaurant, but it definitely wasn't Hanaichi! *Sucky food!*.

We headed off to the Sunnybanks Wildlife Museum (no idea what it is actually called though however).

Leon, Jason & me outside the museum
Leon, Jason and I.

The HUMONGOUS Cane Toad frog. So ugly that it has become an Australian icon.
It ate the pest. But now it has become a pest itself!

I felt a movement behind me!

A wombat.

Jason was the one most fascinated at the museum. He was awed by the size of the Blue Whale wallpaper....meanwhile, I had gone off snoring on one of the chairs....

They were having a discussion that "Yum Cha" is actually a HongKie term. So to put it, the term "Yum Cha" is indeed the correct term used for eating dim sum as in contrast to the Malaysian slang, which comes to mean "yum (indian mamak) cha". Dim Sum originates too from HK. You make the connection la.

The party had initial intentions of heading off to The Manor for dim sum, so we headed off to Jason's place to wait... The guys were willing to wait, but after a while their stomachs started to rumble. They decided to just head to Little Singapore in SunnyBanks instead. Jason & I both also ordered Nasi Lemak, Leon ordered Kong Poh Chicken Rice and Kenny ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice.

I slept over in my cousin's room. My cousin commented I put on copious layers of clothing... even though the heater was put on!

Woke up at 10.00. Actually, I woke up at 9. But seems that nobody could make it up from bed before 12pm.....

So Adrian & I headed to SunFay Chinese Restaurant in Taringa. Mick decided to join us a bit later. The bill came up to about 17 dollars p/person for the brunch.


menu copy

siumai copy
Siu Mai.

ox_tripe copy
Ox Tripe.

How did I like the service there? Well, the See Tau (manager) himself seemed allright, but the lady who handled the orders seemed a tad bit perturbed that the customers didn't speak Cantonese when ordering. A bit seems like an understatement here.She was also rather rude as rather than telling us courteously to take our time to order, she was muttering something indescernible in Cantonese and then walked off. Very unprofessional indeed.

Adrian sent me to UQ where my friend, John and his pal. Ken picked me up to head back to Toowoomba. We went to Hungry Jacks for dinner, and that was the end of nice long trip south.

Ok, just needed to write this down....

I have a pretty lost sense of direction when it comes to sense of direction..but that can't be helped. :-P I inherited that from my mother.

From Toowong (visible landmark being the Toowong Shopping Mall & Sizzler's), next comes Taringa. In Taringa, is a series of budget eateries along the main road and you'll go straight up and down the hill and then turn right and go straight.

To go to Mike's current residence, turn left (at the petrol kiosk) and then straight up the hill there is Indooroopilly (which is about 15 minutes walk away from Adrian's). To go back to Toowoomba, instead of turning left at the petrol kiosk, continue going straight and past WestPoint and heading toward FigTree and Darra.

Train: to Indooroopilly is always at Platform No. 6 at Central station.


jasonphoon said...

ehhh why you choose the picture that has half your face ???

But i look good don't I ? :P

Anyways, I had a fun day too ! And yes, I enjoy the museum ! I thinking of going there again !

cheayee said...

its the alignment of the picture la.... my face is there...just on the website.

Ha ha...yes, you look good Jason.

of course you can go to the museum again. It's half an hour's ride only la. (i think).

Come to think of it, the time taken to take the bus to Brisbane is about the same amount of time that we people in Toowoomba has to waste to wait for the bus. *SIGH*

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