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Amazing Grace: the movie.

I just came from a free grand premiere screening of the movie! It's only released tomorrow.

William Wilberford: The british politician who fought 20 years for the abolition of abolition of the slave trade, established the association against cruelty to animals, and against the National Lottery. A 2006 movie directed by Michael Apted. Starring Ioan Gruffurd, Ciaran Hinds and Michael Gambon.

A friend asked me but isn't Amazing Grace written by a minister? Yes it is. His name is John Newton. John Newton used to be the captain of a ship that plied the slave trade. This movie is based on William Wilberford who was hugely influenced by the former, and used his position as a politician to lobby for the emancipation and abolition of the slave trade.


quixotic said...

wow.. this was out like around easter over here.... liked it??

cheayee said...

the storyline is not bad. although a lot of people might mistake it to be a very Christian movie. (although it is inspired by the song however.)

luxen said...

I think you got his name wrong, it's supposed to be William Wilberforce?

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