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Am I a Christian?

This is a reply to Jason's entry. I prefer not to enter into any religious debate (on his site) because truly speaking, I suck at verbal debates. It's best to do this on your own ground. ;-)

The definition of being a Christian in my understanding is one that believes and accepts Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour, and who continually adheres to the teaching or words in the Bible.

In my case of when I was growing up, I did not really have much of a choice of whether I wanted to go to church, but I just adhered to the family decision. I was never in the band, suck at playing the piano, and my family is involved in pastoral work. The fact is, being brought up in a Christian family does not necessarily makes a person love God more, or want to know God any further. or make that person anymore a stronger believer in Christ.

Two years ago an incident happened where I then asked myself if I wanted to continue this journey. It was either reverting back or going forward in the journey. It took me a long time to make this decision. This was in 2005. Henceforth, I decided to go forward. My decision since then was that if I had to choose between love for a man, and love for my creator, it was the latter.

The second time was when I first came to Australia, I was going through this time of temptation where I told myself that "hei, perhaps it would be a great chance to miss out on church" since I did not have to account myself to anyone. I didn't know anyone. I couldn't care less. But lo & behold every step of the way, He thwarted my decision to do that by dropping more believers in my way. My decision to leave the church has since been stalled..... :-P

To the questions that Jason has posed for the rest of us:
Is my belief system based on facts and experiences, rather than superstition or from a book ?

I would say that my belief system was based on facts & experiences, as well as from a book. The facts & experiences reinforces my beliefs from the book. It is not the act of blindly following the teachings of a book without understanding, but rather having facts and experiences to back up what that is written in the book.

Do you believe in science or faith?

Science is the understanding of how things work. I believe in both. Science reinforces my faith. However when it is a decision where I have to choose between both, I believe that faith overcomes what that is science. My faith is in something which is more and above science and is the creator of science.

Would I offer my other left cheek if someone slapped me on the right cheek?

The bible says do both. The reality of the situation is no one will give their right cheek to begin with. If I did that, I must be a saint.

However since this is Jason asking, the answer will be that I will pinch him hard if he says something insulting & I also hit very hard! :-P

As for listening to spiritual leaders, I believe that all of us have a time when HE will deal with us. For some of us, it will be earlier. For some of us, it will be later. I know people who have been given the gift of speaking from the age of 13 years (like a Kenyan mate, Jimmy), and some of us who only come into the ministry at the age of 55 and older.

None of us will have the same spiritual walk or faith.

The question is not a matter of whether the old man that accepts Christ right before he dies can do it, but the question of WHY wait and be away from the presence of the Lord till THEN when you can have him in your life NOW? Having Him in my life has given me a life full of "His Decadence" and "His Debauchery" which only He can provide.

The question is do you want him too?


jasonphoon said...

ahh yes, my post wasn't meant to stir up a debate but rather I wanted to examine myself.

I didn't expect anyone to post up answers, but it's good that you can offer an answer for yourself. That's great !

and yes, you hit very hard for someone your size ! haha

cheayee said...

Ah yes.

the thing is I have seen quite a lot of these debates on many sites, especially when it comes to religion & on XiaXue, KennySia etc.

I'd on be flamed if I commenting anything of this sort on your blog eventhough that may not be your intention. :-)

Jayce Ooi said...

Yes... I am a Christian. ;)

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