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When it rains, it pours.

It was really freezing cold for the past few days during the last week.
The wind was at 24km/h.
Humidity high at 84% due to the rain for the 4 days.
Everyone had their heater turned on. I can only imagine the bill when it arrives at the end of this month!.

Anyway, Saturday was John's birthday, so the entire HongKie gang (I was the only Malaysian Chinese there!). We had a nice steam boat dinner. I think I have finally got used to speaking in Cantonese..Kay baked a tiramisu cake for him. It was really good. (Being that it's ONLY his second time baking it.)

I had a bit of whisky, so my faculties were let a bit loose. Ha ha. After sending a mate home earlier, I had an ad-hoc trip up to Picnic Point. It's this place that I passed by when I went hiking up to Table Top Mountain last year. Families and lots of the youth go there for afternoon picnics. I've only seen pictures of the place so far, but have never actually been there before.

Aunt. Vicki commented that I didn't sound Malaysian when were out at the Vietnamese grocery store at Darra yesterday!(She's HongKie). I really think that that's a compliment. *LOL*
I (have been thoroughly immersed) in a HK-Cantonese-language environment for the past 3 months anyway.

That my friend, is the result of immersion. (or something similar to that...! lol)

Not too long ago, when my friends and I were milling about, some of them observed something between me and a friend of mine. On more than one occassion, I thought it was strange that they would bring it up. I had initially thought it was just me being sensitive, but the very fact that some of them noticed it is an indicator that the situation was more serious than what was warranted. I know I am not being fair, but keeping a low profile is probably the best for the both of us now. Since he is leaving, I guess there is not that much to ponder about after all! I did think of it on some occasions, but I guess being prayerful is the best thing I can do for now. How can I not follow my own advice that I had given "J" last year? This is totally ridiculous if I did otherwise! I thought it was just a one-off situation with his response to "B", so I totally forgot about it until this recently.

Claudia is my new house mate from Korea. We were having a really nice discussion (ya know, girl talk).. on how anybody can cook. Every one can wash, cut, dice, fry and boil. The question is, can you cook "delicious" food? However, I really think you have to master the skills of cooking before you can actually make the food "delicious". That, my dearest readers, is something for you to ponder on. Cook delicious food!!

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