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Time will tell.

The earth moveth,
By the second, by the hour.
Circles it make about the sun,
Full circle it comes and back it goes.

And so must I.
And so must I.

Dance across the skies,
Waves upon the seas,
there is a time it dances,
and back it withdraws.

The big blue vast,
beyond over me.
Overcast onto the sky,
Solemnly staring me.

A GrayFox are you?
Or a Harris will it?
But a Jacob and Joseph is what I want.
The Joseph of old, and the Joseph of new.

Are you friend?
Are you foe?
I wonder what are we.

I wish you'd tell me,
My heart dying with curiosity.
Perhaps there'll be a time,
When all is revealed.

For now I'll wait,
For now I'll wait,
I'll wait till time speaks us out.


Silver Fox said...

Nary a thought
but of cumbersome
and contentment
flittered by.

'tis the cry
of the heart
longing the world
for its ways.

Nay to lust!
Thou shalt not
the way of man want
but God's will alone!

Maiden of our Lord,
Seek no more
of flesh's pleasures
but of soul's desires.

Wicked is Satan
for he who misled,
forged is your will
in purity of Jesus.

Maiden, come forth!
Evil you shall deny,
make home the Lord
within your soul.

cheayee said...

What tis in your mind?
But young lad,
Be not mistaken.

Tis not the ways,
Nor the lost,
I did seek.

My heart ached,
Seeking to move on by.

But the face of the Lord,
Has since been hidden.

The earth moveth,
and I must go.

Not to which the world wanted,
But which to let it go.

I must move,
As the earth moveth.

I must start the journey,
Or never will I return.

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