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A romantic Night in....

It was a really romantic night yesterday.

Our unit was serenaded by live acoustic background music by the handsome guitarist player, Kevin L.
Izam was our concierge and manager making reservations for a high class repast for the evening's meal.
Hurrick was our 5-star transportation manager and service officer.

Dinner was shrouded in an ambience lit brightly by the soft glow of candlelights.
For appetizer, it was a lovely vanilla and chocolate round shaped crunchy Oreo treats dipped in cool refreshing white milk to whet our appetite.
Dinner was a 3 course meal for 4. For entree, served hot fresh from the fryer, was a huge serving of crispy french fries.
Main Course was a huge delicious serving of tomatoes, onions, pickles and a huge slice of delicious grilled beef wrapped in a soft sesame burger bun aka Whopper a la Hungry Jacks.
For dessert, we had a cool drink of sparkling and refreshing Coca-Cola a la Hungry Jack to wash down our throats.

We said grace and thanked the Lord for providing us such delicious repast and such lovely memories to take into the night.

Twas a night to remember. I shall never forget it.

However, REALITY hit us when the bright lights came back on at 8pm. Alas! That marked the end of the slow romantic number........


Anonymous said...

Haiya, next time I book a reservation ok, can or not. RSVP ok..Winder.

cheayee said...

I made Loh Mai Kai today...sorry not enough for was delicious!!

Yum Yum.

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