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Into the waters you shall go....

and on confession of your faith, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, we baptise you into the Lord Jesus Christ".

Water baptism is the public confession and declaration of all believers of Jesus Christ of their faith in choosing to be water baptized. This rite is one that all believers should go through some time in their life. Today my HK friend, Kay, decided to obey and follow the same baptism that our Lord Jesus underwent before starting his ministry. My friends and I went to give support and encouragement and watch his water baptism at SpringStreet church this afternoon. After the water baptism, we headed to The Hub (another facility) for some lunch that the ladies in the church had prepared.

Aunt Deborah had made bak-zhang in lieu of Bak Zhang Day for all of us, and I picked up a few cooking tips. To which, I am going to try another method of steaming the loh-mai-kai next time. I am not sure if it works, but if it is edible, you guys will be the first to know, ya!



Kays friendsA
waiting patiently for the baptism to take place...
milling about before the service...

But later in the day it rained....
Very faintly in the background, the symbol of God's promise to us...

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