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Happy Bak Zhang Day!

Loh Mai Kai

lohmaikai cups

Don't they just look *yummy*?!
In case you were wondering, those above is not bak-zhang, but actually loh mai kai. Since I cant find those leaves that we have to use to wrap it around with, I just made loh mai kai as substitute. Bak Zhang (in hokkien), or otherwise known as zhong (in Cantonese), or rice dumpling is eaten every year about this time in mid June.

The only difference this year and last was I steamed it instead of boiling it. I decided to steam it this year (as per the instructions) as well as fry it before steaming the rice. (You know, like you steam fish?) I wanted to try something different and see how it turned out. (Actually, my mom was complaining that I boiled it back in KL, so I decided to steam it this time instead. *LOL*)

The result? Rice which is drier and not as wet if boiled (Cooking tip for you guys!)

My roomies said they were delicious!! Oily and dry just like how they are sold outside...*hehe*. It's quite a hassle and long process to make something like this for I don't make it often. Only on RARE occasions. So there people, enjoy looking at my Loh Mai Kai when you can!


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