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Book mugging time.

Not that I have any exams, but I'd rather have exams than practs any time. You could fail practicums if the teaching mentor doesn't like your face. (You know what I mean).

This has been a long and arduous week. First was the thing about the cars being stolen, but I really am not worried about that. Rather, just wanted to share with you people about my units of work so far this semester.

When I handed in my literacy assignment last week, I was not expecting much. One of the things I hate getting for assignments is a grade of just a bare PASS or equivalent of a "C". I am not exactly the best scorer, or would get a HD at all. Most of the times I get mostly a B or an A.

The last few weeks of the semester is coming to an end. Last year, the only time I scored a C so far was in the 2nd semester, and I AM still cringing about it. When I checked my results on in the middle of the week, I found that I already scored an A and a B for two of the other units; of which I am really pleased about because when I completing the literacy portfolio, I was not even sure if that was the right approach to doing it, or if it was completely right.

The final literacy portfolio consisted of about 11 literacy tasks where I had to write out a number of lesson plans as well as deconstruct an entire unit plan, complete a planning for a literacy block, as well as write one on challenging stereotypes. I was not even sure if the lessons I wrote met the objectives that the task required. But when I went to check the results for it, it was the highest among the previous literacy tasks I had scored (There were 3 assessment tasks for the literacy course).

I AM pleased because the scores for each assessment task increased with each task that was given, meaning that my understanding of the literacy tasks had improved. There I was thinking that I would get a very low score for the final literacy portfolio and I was mostly pleased with the final assessment task that was handed in because I didn't really have a partner to work with except for Aunt Rosita who only gave me some suggestions for the tasks. Aunt Rosita is a retired Malaysian-Penangite-born-but-now-an-Australian-citizen teacher who had completed her post-grad teaching qualification with the same university I am now.

There are still two more units for which I have to complete about 3 more assessment tasks before I am done for the semester. In addition, which is another one from MCI. *Bleh*. It'll be quite a busy end of semester, so wish me the best before I am done. Even in the midst of doing my assignments, I have found time to study the Word, do my assignments and time to worship Him. Praise the Lord for He has not given up on me!

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