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E-bay *Fever*

There is EXAM *fever*, but there is also E-bay *Fever*!!

As far as I know, Justin has already bought something off E-bay. He bought this handphone-cum-pda-with-multiple-functions-in-Chinese-script off for a fraction of the original price! Why chinese language? How'd I know?? I'd choose Malay language if they have it though.

Now sources tell me that Matt has been on E-bay everyday. (No idea what he's looking out for though...) I even spied Claudia looking up something on E-bay a few days back.

*Ha ha*.

Even my mom back in KL has gone on E-bay (although why anyone in Malaysia would do that that I don't know la) !


Jiaren calls it the "winner's curse!". Maybe that is the case so. *Heh*

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