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Wira syndicates at work?

Last night, I was online when a friend, Jess from YAF told me that her family car was stolen. She stays in OUG. Ironically this morning, my mom texted me to tell me that my car was stolen 2 days ago when she had driven it to work.

My dad reckons it could be a Wira car syndicate stealing....

Please pray and believe that God will restore peace upon Jess' family. Also that the thief shall not rest till peace is restored.

The Lord is our Fighter and Deliverer. We have a God who works in all situations and justice will prevail. What which is ours is ours. If we gave it away, it is a gift. But if we lend it to someone, and take not the action to retrieve something which is rightfully ours, we are not performing our responsibility as good stewards of our finances and property.

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