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Would I marry Wang Lee Hom?


Would I marry Wang Lee Hom?

For the record, that is a rhetorical question.

(Yeah yeah...I know how some of my friends who totally think his music is crap, but hei, at least he tries...). Just like how some may have preferred Nita over Daniel, but that's another blog entry all together. However for the record, yes, I would vote for Nita.

As I said, I was going through the interviews, and the most informative ones were the one hosted by CNN Talk Asia (Lorraine Hann) and the one hosted in Thailand.

Now, would I marry someone like Wang Lee Hom? As for the rumours that he is GAY, for the time being (whether he is or not) for the purpose of this entry, I will assume that he is a red-blooded, heterosexual oriented homosapien. Also for the purpose of this blog, the perspective here is given and deduced from the information seen and heard from the interviews as stated as above.

So, let's try to deconstruct his personality as per the information given...

1) He's a quiet person. Music is an avenue where a person can immerse themselves in without having actually to utilize their interpersonal skills.(Meaning that they don't actually have to talk).

I will take the example of my housemate, YK and SY as an example. SY has been part of the band ever since high school, and she travels with the band to other countries to perform. YK plays the piano for the church.(2 churches in fact) However, the similarity between them is that they are both very quiet and prefer the company of their own friends. Although YK and I were living in the same house, we didn't talk to each other for almost 5 months.....!

Oh, but he is a performer and he surely has to talk a lot and entertain others, most people will say. Well, having a passion for music, performing, and singing is something that a person enjoys doing. But having a passion for music, does not entail them to utilize their interpersonal skills or means that they like being the lifewire of a party.

Yes, he dances. Yes, he sings. Yes, he entertains. But that does not mean he has to engage in conversation. (You know, when you have to crack your head to think of conversational topics and actually engage in a 2, or 3-way conversation for a period of time). In fact, YK is one of the quietest persons I know even with his passion for playing the piano (and computer games & movie downloading).

Lee Hom definitely strikes me as a person like Steph than Jiaren. It's a bit hard to explain it, because as I have always said before, using myself as an example, although a person may appear to be a "life-wire" or that people have always known me as the person whose "voice precedes her presence", that is only the image that a person allows others to see. Whether a person is actually a life-wire is a totally different thing altogether.

Am I right?

2) He will always be abroad. This is almost similar to having a Long-Distance Relationship, even after marriage. I think the question is whether a wife can handle her husband being away all the time. This is definitely not an easy question. However, I think that if I feel a man is putting in effort and commited to the relationship, and has stated on early in the relationship that he will not always be at home, the woman has to understand his kind of job entails that he travels.
Something like what is happening to Aunt. Joan at this point of time. Husband in China. Grown up children in Australia.

3) His female fans.
I think that all young female fans go through a developmental phase of going ga-ga over their favourite singer in their teens. After a while, they get over this phase as they start going to college, find a bf (ESPECIALLY the bf part) and look for a job.

The "infatuation" part is only for those who have too much time in their hands. My advice: go start your own blog and write poems.

4) His Career: He has began building his career at the age of 17. He is 31 years of age now. Yes, I believe that a man should put his career first...(except after marriage!). Coz he'd have to learn how to prioritize between giving time to both his career and his family as well.
I have no complaints about a person's career.

5) His accent:
Truth be told, my ears are getting painful from trying to learn and listen to the Australian accent. I mean, who in the world (except in Australia) pronounces cow as "Keao"??

"THe Keao is in THe GARden". (the cow is in the garden)... *YIKES*.
I definitely prefer listening to the American accent.

6) His faith: Ok, that is like the core most issue for me. But who knows what faith he is, right??

My verdict: Well, I can theorize. I can assume. I can pose this rhetorical question on the blog. However, the probability of me meeting someone like Wang Lee Hom (in Australia) is almost close to nil. I mean, I haven't even met anyone here except........

What do I actually think? I would probably consider giving someone like him a go. Of course, if I had to wonder about the issues of privacy and confidentiality, I would move to a place where I could get some. Ha ha ha.

So there!
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Passion is the key ingredient.

Passion is the key ingredient.

You know, I never did listened much to Lee Hom in the past few years because I didn't like his image. It was just getting too weird for me. But I think he's going back to "normal". If you know what I mean.

There are these interviews on YouTube that I watched Lee Hom hosting (with the cast of Catch Me If You Can), and one of things I picked up indirectly was that he admitted he had a bit of problems with interpersonal music is one of the avenues where he didn't have to fully "interact" on a one-to-one basis unless he was hosting a show! His songs are probably all right, but since my Mandarin sucks, I barely did listen to them. If he releases an English album, I'd probably check it out then.

I must say, apart from his lack of his interpersonal skills, I must say that I give him credit and respect (where it's due) for sticking out to do what he has "passion" for.

As Elle Woods the valedictorian from Legally Blonde I quote,

On our very first day at Harvard…a very wise professor quoted Aristotle, ‘The law is reason free from passion.’ Well, no offense to Aristotle…but in my three years at Harvard…

I have come to find that passion is a key ingredient to the study and practice of law and of life.

It is with passion, courage of conviction, and strong sense of self that we take our next steps into the world. Remembering that first impressions are not always correct, you must always have faith in people and most importantly.

You must always have faith in yourself…

Lee Hom is definitely lucky that he has supportive family members, and that his first two years of college was just that. Not needing to choose a major yet.

Digressing from that, I think I like having a Korean housemate. It adds a bit of spice and diversity to a household consisting mainly of just Hongkies (and speaking in Cantonese) and Norraine and Miriam will be back next semester.

So there!
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Time will tell.


Time will tell.

The earth moveth,
By the second, by the hour.
Circles it make about the sun,
Full circle it comes and back it goes.

And so must I.
And so must I.

Dance across the skies,
Waves upon the seas,
there is a time it dances,
and back it withdraws.

The big blue vast,
beyond over me.
Overcast onto the sky,
Solemnly staring me.

A GrayFox are you?
Or a Harris will it?
But a Jacob and Joseph is what I want.
The Joseph of old, and the Joseph of new.

Are you friend?
Are you foe?
I wonder what are we.

I wish you'd tell me,
My heart dying with curiosity.
Perhaps there'll be a time,
When all is revealed.

For now I'll wait,
For now I'll wait,
I'll wait till time speaks us out.
Of you I thinketh not.


Of you I thinketh not.

I think of you not,
I dream of you not.
But indeed I have beheld your vision.

What tis I see,
What hallucination is this?

Oh Sleep, sleep, why dost thou leave me?
But indeed I dreameth of you each time we meet.
You speak not a word,
Yet your actions belied your very word.

Neither friend nor foe are we,
Yet, what silence is this dawning upon us?

Was I dreaming, yet was awake?
Lord, Lord, Thou knowest best.
Of visions, of signs and of wonders.
I pray this be taken away from me.
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Into the waters you shall go....

and on confession of your faith, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, we baptise you into the Lord Jesus Christ".

Water baptism is the public confession and declaration of all believers of Jesus Christ of their faith in choosing to be water baptized. This rite is one that all believers should go through some time in their life. Today my HK friend, Kay, decided to obey and follow the same baptism that our Lord Jesus underwent before starting his ministry. My friends and I went to give support and encouragement and watch his water baptism at SpringStreet church this afternoon. After the water baptism, we headed to The Hub (another facility) for some lunch that the ladies in the church had prepared.

Aunt Deborah had made bak-zhang in lieu of Bak Zhang Day for all of us, and I picked up a few cooking tips. To which, I am going to try another method of steaming the loh-mai-kai next time. I am not sure if it works, but if it is edible, you guys will be the first to know, ya!



Kays friendsA
waiting patiently for the baptism to take place...
milling about before the service...

But later in the day it rained....
Very faintly in the background, the symbol of God's promise to us...
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Happy Bak Zhang Day!

Loh Mai Kai

lohmaikai cups

Don't they just look *yummy*?!
In case you were wondering, those above is not bak-zhang, but actually loh mai kai. Since I cant find those leaves that we have to use to wrap it around with, I just made loh mai kai as substitute. Bak Zhang (in hokkien), or otherwise known as zhong (in Cantonese), or rice dumpling is eaten every year about this time in mid June.

The only difference this year and last was I steamed it instead of boiling it. I decided to steam it this year (as per the instructions) as well as fry it before steaming the rice. (You know, like you steam fish?) I wanted to try something different and see how it turned out. (Actually, my mom was complaining that I boiled it back in KL, so I decided to steam it this time instead. *LOL*)

The result? Rice which is drier and not as wet if boiled (Cooking tip for you guys!)

My roomies said they were delicious!! Oily and dry just like how they are sold outside...*hehe*. It's quite a hassle and long process to make something like this for I don't make it often. Only on RARE occasions. So there people, enjoy looking at my Loh Mai Kai when you can!

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A romantic Night in....

A romantic Night in....

It was a really romantic night yesterday.

Our unit was serenaded by live acoustic background music by the handsome guitarist player, Kevin L.
Izam was our concierge and manager making reservations for a high class repast for the evening's meal.
Hurrick was our 5-star transportation manager and service officer.

Dinner was shrouded in an ambience lit brightly by the soft glow of candlelights.
For appetizer, it was a lovely vanilla and chocolate round shaped crunchy Oreo treats dipped in cool refreshing white milk to whet our appetite.
Dinner was a 3 course meal for 4. For entree, served hot fresh from the fryer, was a huge serving of crispy french fries.
Main Course was a huge delicious serving of tomatoes, onions, pickles and a huge slice of delicious grilled beef wrapped in a soft sesame burger bun aka Whopper a la Hungry Jacks.
For dessert, we had a cool drink of sparkling and refreshing Coca-Cola a la Hungry Jack to wash down our throats.

We said grace and thanked the Lord for providing us such delicious repast and such lovely memories to take into the night.

Twas a night to remember. I shall never forget it.

However, REALITY hit us when the bright lights came back on at 8pm. Alas! That marked the end of the slow romantic number........
E-bay *Fever*


E-bay *Fever*

There is EXAM *fever*, but there is also E-bay *Fever*!!

As far as I know, Justin has already bought something off E-bay. He bought this handphone-cum-pda-with-multiple-functions-in-Chinese-script off for a fraction of the original price! Why chinese language? How'd I know?? I'd choose Malay language if they have it though.

Now sources tell me that Matt has been on E-bay everyday. (No idea what he's looking out for though...) I even spied Claudia looking up something on E-bay a few days back.

*Ha ha*.

Even my mom back in KL has gone on E-bay (although why anyone in Malaysia would do that that I don't know la) !


Jiaren calls it the "winner's curse!". Maybe that is the case so. *Heh*
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Book mugging time.


Book mugging time.

Not that I have any exams, but I'd rather have exams than practs any time. You could fail practicums if the teaching mentor doesn't like your face. (You know what I mean).

This has been a long and arduous week. First was the thing about the cars being stolen, but I really am not worried about that. Rather, just wanted to share with you people about my units of work so far this semester.

When I handed in my literacy assignment last week, I was not expecting much. One of the things I hate getting for assignments is a grade of just a bare PASS or equivalent of a "C". I am not exactly the best scorer, or would get a HD at all. Most of the times I get mostly a B or an A.

The last few weeks of the semester is coming to an end. Last year, the only time I scored a C so far was in the 2nd semester, and I AM still cringing about it. When I checked my results on in the middle of the week, I found that I already scored an A and a B for two of the other units; of which I am really pleased about because when I completing the literacy portfolio, I was not even sure if that was the right approach to doing it, or if it was completely right.

The final literacy portfolio consisted of about 11 literacy tasks where I had to write out a number of lesson plans as well as deconstruct an entire unit plan, complete a planning for a literacy block, as well as write one on challenging stereotypes. I was not even sure if the lessons I wrote met the objectives that the task required. But when I went to check the results for it, it was the highest among the previous literacy tasks I had scored (There were 3 assessment tasks for the literacy course).

I AM pleased because the scores for each assessment task increased with each task that was given, meaning that my understanding of the literacy tasks had improved. There I was thinking that I would get a very low score for the final literacy portfolio and I was mostly pleased with the final assessment task that was handed in because I didn't really have a partner to work with except for Aunt Rosita who only gave me some suggestions for the tasks. Aunt Rosita is a retired Malaysian-Penangite-born-but-now-an-Australian-citizen teacher who had completed her post-grad teaching qualification with the same university I am now.

There are still two more units for which I have to complete about 3 more assessment tasks before I am done for the semester. In addition, which is another one from MCI. *Bleh*. It'll be quite a busy end of semester, so wish me the best before I am done. Even in the midst of doing my assignments, I have found time to study the Word, do my assignments and time to worship Him. Praise the Lord for He has not given up on me!
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Wira syndicates at work?


Wira syndicates at work?

Last night, I was online when a friend, Jess from YAF told me that her family car was stolen. She stays in OUG. Ironically this morning, my mom texted me to tell me that my car was stolen 2 days ago when she had driven it to work.

My dad reckons it could be a Wira car syndicate stealing....

Please pray and believe that God will restore peace upon Jess' family. Also that the thief shall not rest till peace is restored.

The Lord is our Fighter and Deliverer. We have a God who works in all situations and justice will prevail. What which is ours is ours. If we gave it away, it is a gift. But if we lend it to someone, and take not the action to retrieve something which is rightfully ours, we are not performing our responsibility as good stewards of our finances and property.
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When it rains, it pours.

When it rains, it pours.

It was really freezing cold for the past few days during the last week.
The wind was at 24km/h.
Humidity high at 84% due to the rain for the 4 days.
Everyone had their heater turned on. I can only imagine the bill when it arrives at the end of this month!.

Anyway, Saturday was John's birthday, so the entire HongKie gang (I was the only Malaysian Chinese there!). We had a nice steam boat dinner. I think I have finally got used to speaking in Cantonese..Kay baked a tiramisu cake for him. It was really good. (Being that it's ONLY his second time baking it.)

I had a bit of whisky, so my faculties were let a bit loose. Ha ha. After sending a mate home earlier, I had an ad-hoc trip up to Picnic Point. It's this place that I passed by when I went hiking up to Table Top Mountain last year. Families and lots of the youth go there for afternoon picnics. I've only seen pictures of the place so far, but have never actually been there before.

Aunt. Vicki commented that I didn't sound Malaysian when were out at the Vietnamese grocery store at Darra yesterday!(She's HongKie). I really think that that's a compliment. *LOL*
I (have been thoroughly immersed) in a HK-Cantonese-language environment for the past 3 months anyway.

That my friend, is the result of immersion. (or something similar to that...! lol)

Not too long ago, when my friends and I were milling about, some of them observed something between me and a friend of mine. On more than one occassion, I thought it was strange that they would bring it up. I had initially thought it was just me being sensitive, but the very fact that some of them noticed it is an indicator that the situation was more serious than what was warranted. I know I am not being fair, but keeping a low profile is probably the best for the both of us now. Since he is leaving, I guess there is not that much to ponder about after all! I did think of it on some occasions, but I guess being prayerful is the best thing I can do for now. How can I not follow my own advice that I had given "J" last year? This is totally ridiculous if I did otherwise! I thought it was just a one-off situation with his response to "B", so I totally forgot about it until this recently.

Claudia is my new house mate from Korea. We were having a really nice discussion (ya know, girl talk).. on how anybody can cook. Every one can wash, cut, dice, fry and boil. The question is, can you cook "delicious" food? However, I really think you have to master the skills of cooking before you can actually make the food "delicious". That, my dearest readers, is something for you to ponder on. Cook delicious food!!
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Avadhut's birthday & trip to Brisbane.

Last night I made sambal belacan according and precisely to Ivan's instruction. It was loverly, but the house stank of it!! So we had to open all the windows. It was freezing!!

Anyway, we went down for a daytrip to Brisbane. Didn't get to have "yum cha" or anything. Sigh. >.< Here are some over-due-long-awaited-pictures for your viewing pleasure....

Avadhut Birthday
Avadhut's birthday last Sunday..


On our way to Brisbane today..

*Awwww*.. Won't you just melt?

Can u figure out who among them are the 2 korean young ladies? ;-)
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