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SilverFox: A testimony of faith

It's been awhile since I've made any posting here or back on my own blog. Ahh, what refreshing taste it is when one writes freely without being subjected to deadlines ;)

As some of you know, I have started with a new company since October last year. My dream job as a copywriter has once again been revived (I was a writer/journalist in my previous company).

There were tons of copywriting to do when I started, and soon I was busying myself with creative writing and liaising with my creative team. It was challenging, but fun.

A few weeks back, there weren't much copywriting to do. Mostly the jobs that came in from our main client had us updating their website involving info and a bit of graphical creativity, but that was it. Nothing for me to do but just follow up on new and updated info for the web. That's fine by me, but as days began to grow into weeks, I began feeling uneasy; no copywriting jobs were coming in...

My boss had initially wanted me to focus on project management as an account executive, but it wasn't what I wanted to do - it's not my passion. If a person such as me have no passion in doing something, you really can't expect seeing any good result.

I brought this up after prayer meeting with K. We had a good discussion about it, regarding whether or not I should bring this issue up to my boss or let God intervene in His own time. K advised me to pray about it first.

Went home, took a shower and for only reasons God knows why, I opened my office email. Saw an email from my boss. It went like this:

Pls. arrange to meet up tomorrow in office to discuss. Pls. be ready with your great ideas. Our copywriter* will chair the meeting. Copywriter*, pls. use the header titles on my first email as a base to work with and expand."

Even before I could pray about it, God knows that I'm feeling down and worthless in my company regarding my idle status as a copywriter and had come to my rescue! To cut a long story short, we had a great brainstorming session and came up with some really good ideas. It lasted 3 hours! Heh, the team were enjoying sharing ideas around that we all didn't notice time had passed so much...

Heavenly Father, You have been good to all of us, though some may still have doubts regarding Your mysterious ways. There are times too that I couldn't understand Him, but His plans are His to reveal in time. We can only pray, praise and worship Him as we wait patiently/impatiently. Just don't lose hope in the Almighty Father!

*Actual name replaced to protect my privacy :p

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