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Spate of rain, or burglaries?

It's definitely been raining the past few days.

And yes, a spate of break-ins one after another.

It seems that 3 homes have been broken into in the last 2 weeks at the place where I am staying.

One home was broken into and the clothes were stolen.

Another home was broken into and the fridge was raided.

Mine was the one where the fridge was raided, and my handbag, purse, and spectacles were taken.

Why do these students break into our people's homes and steal their food? I doubt it's the locals, coz they'd have welfare and assistance from the government.

I mean, Clothes? Food? Students stealing from other students? This is utterly disgusting.

Please pray for us and over these spirits of theft and knavery which is prevailing, and that they be broken in Jesus' name.

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