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The Mystery of the Missing TD Lid.

I had a really great day today.

Actually, I slept in and slept late this my roomie joked,
"so, what time did you sleep last night?".

I merely smiled. They all started laughing, and Izam said
"wah, so this is what you do when you get a chance off pract eh... you'll sleep late into the night ar?".

Indeed, my friend. Indeed.

I am also proud that I managed to go to the mall without putting on my glasses...I realised that I have been over-relying on my glasses!

Anyways, here's another nice story to tell. A few weeks ago, right before Easter, one of my roomies, Samantha, helped me to print some notes. I was waiting for her on campus after hours, and she apologized because she could not find the lid for my 512MB Black Dell TD. She had searched the entire lab for it, but could not find it.

I don't knw what it was that made me said, "You know, it's alright. It doesn't matter. I am convinced that you will be able to find the lid. Somewhere. It's either still in the bag. or it will be in the lab. No body will steal a lid of a TD," to stop her from stressing out.

Then for the next couple of weeks, I totally forgot about it. I didn't use the Dell TD as I had a new 4GB Kingston TD to use instead.

Anyway, this morning, to my surprise, I found the lid of the TD on my table! I was so surprised that I went to ask Sam where she found it. She said she found it in the lab.

I have lost so many things and found them again the next day, that I was no longer stressed out when Sam told me that she lost the TD lid. I was convinced that she would be able to find it. It is just a matter of time!

The wonders of faith, praying & waiting....!

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