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The miracle of the mugged bag.

That's exactly what my Hongkie housemate, Samantha would be shrieking out each time......

And that's exactly what I am shrieking out now!!!
For two weeks, I have been praying and praying and praying. Well, actually, last week, after praying for a week, I was at Jiaren's place and he said something about "visualising and believing that the thing you prayed for is already found".

Jiaren then said, "I will be waiting for your testimony on Sunday".

So, that night, I told Hanna on Monday that we were going to change the way we prayed instead.

Actually, I had given God until like Wednesday, because that was kind of like the deadline (for me anyways) to actually make a copy of my Blue Card notice letter and signed by the JP.

But *drag drag drag* and no sign of the handbag. I told God that "well, how am I going to say a testimony in front of everybody if you don't bring any signs of the handbag?"

Then on Saturday morning after Hanna had left, Izam gave me a photo (to which Hanna had written a message telling me to not worry about the handbag or my practicum, as the former has been found, and the other passed!) Those words itself helped me to keep trusting that something good would come to pass.

I had a really bad Sunday. Seriously. So much so that I decided that by hook or by crook, today was my final deadline, and that I was going to buy a cheque from the uni building society to pay for my Blue Card but decided at the last minute that it'd cost less (it costs $7 to buy a check from Heritage Bank!) if I paid my friend and asked him to write me one from his acct instead!

Before I could have a chance to see him (I had already called him then) this evening...and two hours ago, when I was at Aunt Rosita's place, I received a call from the police saying that almost everything that was stated in the statement was found!

Praise The Lord!!

Now it's just a matter of waiting for the police to bring in the handbag to me.....(and see what other things are still found in the wallet!)

Well, the Lord appeared not-too-late, but not-too-early.....just on time. :-P
I am still not sure why this incident of the break-in had to happen.... *STILL*...

To the rest of the people, thank you for praying on my behalf. It's not just my own prayers, but a culmination of all our prayers that has moved things to the physical beyond the spiritual realm. Another thing I would like to thank the Lord is that, He has brought someone who could help me in my assignments now. At least, in terms of multi-age teaching experience, she has had a lot!! Hehehehehehehe

Thank you, Lord!


16:06 hours.
The police came to return the handbag.
*Woo hoo!!!* Every thing was in there, except the money!!

The police managed to catch the culprit, who turned out to be an international student from somewhere out of our student residence area. Anyways, the bloke caught will be prosecuted in court. It turns out that he was also thrown out of his home. So it seems that the thief was already in some kind of trouble before this.

He had thrown the handbag outside his home (in the wheelie bin) and the housemate found it. Then the housemate reported this to the police, who promptly came to arrest him. It was really random that he would take this route to head to where he wanted to (which is the route in front of our home).

Anyway, it was a good lesson for the rest of us, and this taught us a lesson, and the rest of the students who are staying there to be particularly careful and more vigilant about security of their homes at night. This clears up the story that at least it was not some drunkard who walked past our home and decided to feast on raw chicken, or, as Jon puts it, had a duplicate key for access to the house.

I got my glasses, driving licence, Blue Card, and all my cards back without a hitch!! Praise the Lord!!

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