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Earth, what is thy age?

It's been a week. Well, I have not recovered any of my documents.
But nevermind. Continue to "add oil", you guys, okay?

Today, we had a farewell dinner for Hanna. Justin prepared his famous lasagne (which tastes so much better than the one found at Angel Cafe!!) *blech*.

We were having Justin's infamous lasagne for dinner, when I noticed this book about Alien Abduction in their unit. Well, I am not really too excited about alien abductions, coz I sincerely believe that it's all B.S. There is NO SUCH THING as aliens.

Which prompted me to ask this question:

How old you think the Earth is?

Well, if according to secular thought, evolutionists and scientists, they predict that the earth is about a billion zillion years old (however old that means).

However, if according to the Bible, it is about 6000 years old. IS that actually possible? A world about 6000 years old only? Well, if you date it to the time where Adam was born until our time, it's only about 6,000 years old.

Is Earth that young ONLY?

Well, if you asked me that 6 months ago, I would have disagreed. Heck, if you had asked me that 3 months ago, I would also have disagreed. However, having after read Genesis in the past two months or so, I have come to the point where my answer was:

"You know, if God said he only needed 7 days to create the world, that is definitely entirely up to him if he only needed 7 days. He IS God after all."

Of course, the next question which was asked was:

"Did humans and dinosaurs lived side by side?"

Well, I didn't realise that until I read this in a pamphlet a couple of weeks ago which quoted this verse from the book of Job 40-41.

Modern scientists say that Dinosaurs were wiped out millions of years ago. But it seems that the the behemoth was living in Job's time. What about dragons? Accordingly, they existed during Job's time as well!

It also seems that this man in the 1970s wrote that Job did live during a time where the Ice Age, Behemoth and the levithians existed all at the same time. Interesting, eh?

Later in the day....(about evening time).

You know, I just realised that in the book of Genesis, it states that the Sun, Moon & Stars were all created on the same day....

Accordingly, Earth was created on Day 1. Before the Sun, Moon & Stars. In fact the latter was created on the 4th day of Creation...

By that, it means to state that Earth is older than the Sun, Moon & Stars.

Hmmm so by that definition, if according to the Bible,

the "created" universe is less than 6,000 years old.

Being that Earth would be 6,000 years old. The Sun, Moon & Stars....a few days younger than Earth.


I guess we will never know, isn't it?

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