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Brian's Marvellous Miracle ThumbDrive.

4th May:
Brian shared this testimony tonight during the Lao Nang cell.

He had originally bought this thumbdrive on his arrival here in Australia during summer. It was a SANDISK 2GB ThumbDrive for 80 dollars. Anyway, some time not too long ago (some time in March), he had brought his ThumbDrive to his friend's home. He was transferring some programs into his TD when there was an error, and his friend had to stop the process. Anyways, he left as it was getting late.

To cut the story short, the TD could not be used, and had to be formatted (actually I did not really know in which order of what happened to this TD coz I was too sleepy to actually understand what he had really said).

He had to re-format his TD. He was annoyed as all his important documents were in it.

But guess what? When the TD was re-formatted, and was scanned by the computer, the computer read the TD has having 8GBs of memory! He was so shocked that he re-checked the TD in a few computers, but it still read the same!

I can't believe it either! To think that the 8GB TD has only just been released, and here is this fellow who already has one which was x4 the original size. For no apparent reason. :-P

Really, his testimony is that God is even bigger than technology itself!! If he didn't reformat the TD, it's still have remained 2GB. Amazing!

Actually, GrayFox doesn't believe it... so we are going to put it to a test........Brian, you know what you have to do!!!

5th May:
Well guess what? Brian said he was able to contain more than 7.8 GB worth of data in the TD!
I spoke to Jiaren when we went to feed the ducks earlier, and he gave me an explanation for which that could have happened....

Apparently it is possible..... not that it is a miracle...but he said it is possible that the manufacturers of the TD had packaged the TD as a 2GB, when it is actually 8GB. He said it was the first time he had ever heard of such a case...!!

The manufacturers probably set the TD to a 2GB rather than an 8GB capacity, and when Brian re-formatted the TD, the real "capacity" of the TD was revealed.

Jiaren also said that that was also the way many of the fake IPods were sold online. The TD or capacity of the memory card would actually only be 2GB, but it was re-labelled as a 8GB, but in actuality could not actually contain that much data!

So was that a miracle? In SUMMARY, it IS a miracle the way Brian managed to acquire an 8GB TD when it was not even out in the market, and that would have cost him AUD350 now, and it is a miracle in how God can use circumstances to bless a person financially!

And that, GrayFox, means I won the wager. I am waiting for my Sushi King treat when I get back!


Audie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cheayee said...

Audie: I hope you show respect to people's blogs when you visit theirs. If you don't, people won't to you.

You don't do the same when you are visiting other people's home, do you?

I have deleted this comment as a reminder to the rest.Just because people do not share your beliefs does not mean you can condemn theirs,and neither did I condemn your beliefs.

Show a little respect for yourself.

SilverFOX said...

@Audie: My my. For a 41-year-old, aren't you a tad infantile to resort to such things? And you're listed in the army? There goes the US army...

@Chea Yee: You made your point. Sushi King for ya when you come back, hime-sama ;)

Audie said...

ok, perhaps my comment was a little harsh. And I appologize if I hurt anyone's feelings. Since you don'r know me, and I only know you from your posts on, let me introduce myself.

yes Silverfox, I am 41 years old with 17 years in the Army, and a veteran of Panama and Iraq. I was a Born-again, spirit-filled xian for 30 of my 41 years. Prior to joining the Army, I was in the ministry. I was a liscensed Southern Baptist minister who was very committed to my faith and my God. Now, I am an athiest. Since joining the Army, I've been all over the world and seen some very horrible things. I have seen the epitomy of human suffering. And behind it, there usually is some type of religion. It really makes me wonder just how good god really is.

The comment I made was honest and to the point. Thats the way that I operate. and I meant it. And no Silverfox, I am not being infantile when accuse the xian god of allowing 40,000 children to die of starvation every day, but he seems to care about your friend getting a bigger thumbdrive (which by the way, if he is truely Christ-like, then he will be honest and return it for the one that he paid for; you call it a "miracle", I call it theft)

I guess that when I read that story, something in me snapped. I hear xians all the time talking about how god gives them all the petty wants of thier spoiled lives, yet he can and does allow the suffering that is going on in the world. but hey, I used to be the same way- I thought god'd priority me and my silly little problems.

I did not mean to be rude of offensive, and I would never dis-respect your home. But this is not your home, this is the internet. And it is a mean, cruel, and ugly place. On here, I've been cussed at, mocked, and called everything but a white-boy. But that is the way life is. So, I'm sorry for the brashness, we can still carry on some conversation if you would like.

And Silverfox- about your comment about the Army. Let me tell you about the Army. There are people there who cuss, drink heavily, go to strip clubs and solicite the services of prostitutes. Then they will look you in the face and tell you they believe in god. And yet me, a near athiest, love my wife of 15 years and would never cheat on her. I don't go to bars and lightly drink. So much for the theory that morality comes from belief.

You folks have a wonderful evening and I hope to hear from you real soon. Audie

cheayee said...

Firstly, in Brian's was 3 months after he bought his TD.

2ndly, the TD was packaged as a 2GB TD. When the computer reads it, it read as a 2GB TD. It was only when he re-formatted the TD, the real "capacity" of the TD was revealed. If he didn't re-format it, it would have remained as it was.

IT was a legitimate purchase, because it was marketed and packed by the manufacturer as a 2GB TD, not by the retailer.

As for the 8GB, we were just hypothesizing about what could have happened.

3rd, Brian was praising God for this "little" incident in his life, not because he was looking for it, but it just happened to him.

As for your friends in the Army, I have to tell you that it is true that there will be Buddhists/Hindus/ (whatever) who will have more moral than the people who believe in Christ.

The thing most people forget about believing in Christ is that, we are STILL humans. Some just new believers, some very old in the faith.

It is unfortunate that you would have come across people who claim that they worship Christ God, yet still curse, drink heavily, and go to strip clubs.

Yet, if you know the story of the 4 types of soil, and yet they will grow, but the sun, the rock, and birds will pick or choke to death these seedlings.

Hence, the people who call themselves as Christians, but their lives only profess 20% of what they should be.

I know that, because I have lived among people who do exactly that, and they are serving the church.

Couples who commit adultery. People who to go church everyday to sit at the pew and listen, but yet they refuse to change their lives, or buck up. Discenssions within the church.That unfortunately, is the reality.

Yours is not the first story, and will not be my last encounter because people told me that they have left the church due to a disagreement.That happened in my own church. I AM AWARE of these things.

The question is, that is the life they choose to live. You are not responsible for theirs. They are.
You can tell them off, but if they refuse to listen, you have already done your part.

I can't answer why God would allow 40k children to die each day from starvation. Because I DON'T KNOW.
I don't know why that happened and why he would let that happen.

But I only know one thing. I will always try to ask myself, have I done the right thing in the eyes of God& of men? No one can answer that question but myself.

SilverFOX said...

I understand about your grief that God is seemingly turning a blind eye to the more serious plights of the world, while some of us sit here in front of our PC asking "why God did not answer my prayers for a brand new sports car"...

I believe He has an ultimate Plan, and for it to happen, all things must come to pass. If part of that plan particularly requires me to become poor or losing a body part, I can complain all I want, but it's His plan that's in the works to bring about the Second Coming.

For now, losing everything that I have would be a terrible thing and I know I won't be able to understand why, but if it has to happen, then by God's will let it happen.

As the temporary residents of Earth, we will do all that we can to lighten our fellow humans' load of troubles until God's Plan is realised.

Anyway, I believed Chea Yee was staging a mock "Oh my Goodness it's a miracle" article about the thumbdrive. Chill out bro, and let bygones be bygones ;)

cheayee said...

SilverFox: Yes..... that is true.
we were discussing the story of Joseph and his 11 brothers the other day.

People might ask, why did Jehovah allow Joseph to be sold as a slave and sent to prison. Yet, the scriptures say that, Joseph's visions and dreams gave him enough hope and courage to go through the way.

Yet, Joseph himself finally knew in the end that, he was sent away to prepare the way for his family to come. Without him, the entire Egypt would have died along with the Pharoah as there was no man wise enough to store enough grain for the famine.

He also had a big enough heart to forgive his family and brothers for what they had done to him.

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