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A break-in.

A thief broke-in to the house on Sunday morning.

One of my roomies only realised that something was amiss when he went downstairs, and he found that the freezer door was open. The back and the front door were unlocked as well.
They estimated that it was probably within the hours of midnight and morning when the thief broke in.

Initially we thought the thief only stole chicken and other meat from the freezer, so that was not so much of a bane.

As I had my handphone with me throughout the morning, I thought my handbag was as well. But then later in the afternoon, as I was getting ready to go out, I found out that my handbag was missing. I thought that I could have misplaced it somewhere else, but there was no time to search as the transport to church was arriving.

We were supposed to be going out for dinner at a friend's place tonight, but because my handbag was missing, my housemate decided to cancel the appointment.

I went home to look for my handbag, but I could not find anything either in my room or in the hall. Along with the handbag, the house keys, the case containing my spectacles, & my identification documents were all gone with my handbag. Finally, we decided to speak to the caretaker of the student accomodations.

Due to the severity of the problem, being of a security issue now that my house key was gone as well, my housemates and I then made a call to the police station. The caretaker gave us an old-fashioned knob lock to use for the night.

I had to make a call to cancel all my bank cards and also texted my parents to cancel the credit cards in Malaysia. A policeman came after dinner to take a statement.

Quite a number of my friends were quite shocked when they heard about it. An old housemate , A, said since he had arrived last year, he had not heard anything of this nature happening. He offered to help me out financially till I have had my financial situation settled.

The main door knobs have since been changed today, and will remain till the locksmith comes to change it some time this weekend.

The break-in has ushered in an epoch of change in some household security practices. My parents since, have been furious that an incident of this nature could have happened. My housemates will be much more vigilant and more careful about the security practices in place after the point of this incident. It is a pity that it took an incident of such nature to provoke us into much motion.

If you guys want to help, just help and pray for God to send a good samaritan to find my documents and my glasses to be found. That's the uppermost on top of the priority list for now.

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