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The "Avon Girl".

What is your image of the "Avon Girl"?

Well, I signed up for Avon last Friday. For like the 2nd time.

I was once an "Avon Girl" once-upon-a-time in Malaysia many light-years ago.

Yup, now I will be "canvass-ing" for a sale and dropping brochures off at everybody's home. Each brochure lasts about 6 weeks, so I need to keep count of when to give a new brochure when it expires.

It has so far been a pretty "interesting" experience, to say the least, as I would ordinarily have no reason to do that. However, I now have an excuse to well, "canvass". Now I'd have to self-motivate myself to actually drag myself to go from home to home to "introduce" or "sell" or "explain" the product. Haha...

Not only that, but I would have to have product knowledge, know my competitors, and of course, know my consumer's needs.

It's not that easy, you know?

It is interesting to note the way that many of the people respond/react to the brochure when presented with it. The more "high-class" ones say that Avon is not exactly high-end market product, and hence, do not want to buy it. Oh really? If that is so, then you should not comment that it is expensive then...

The products are fairly priced for the average student here, as it is in between the medium to high end priced range products. So, most of the students would be able to afford it. Of course, for the buyer, they may have to flip through a couple of the campaign brochures running to look/rummage for the "best deals" for the specific product they are looking at.

The eclectic variety of questions posed so far range from:
  • What do you recommend for me?
  • Which products are good?
  • Which shade would be suitable for me (foundation, concealer, lipstick)?
  • Do you have that so-and-so product? (Unfortunately, that product has since been discontinued).
  • Have you heard of Nutrimetics?
  • Do you think Tupperware will sell well here?
  • Have you heard of Amway?
  • How much does it costs to sign up for Avon?
  • Whats the difference between Amway, Nutrimetrics and Avon?
I am not too sure how different the system here and Malaysia is though. As far as making profit goes, no, Avon doesn't pay me money, as my roomie queried. There is a quota to meet, whereby you'd get a certain, discounted rate, where the higher the quota you meet, the higher the rate will be.

Your "profit" will be how much you've managed to sell, and worked around the whole Avon system. "Google" up articles, and many websites will turn up that writes about how some people have used it to their advantage.

It's all right for a part-time student, or housewife, as it's more of a "at your leisure" kind of job. If you were working full time, you may not be able to find much time to put into this Avon thing however.

Of course, if you're thinking of a get-rich-quick-scheme from selling Avon, Avon is not really the way to go. It really is, to think about it, you have to treat it like a "business" as it is, and promote and use all those "sales strategies" that you read in those self-help sales strategy books.

However, if you're thinking of getting discounted rates for make-up (for the representative), or earning "some" profit, by all means give Avon a go. It's FREE to join Avon anyways. If you're looking for someone to recommend you to Avon, leave me your e-mail address here and I will get back to you personally for your details. :-)
Any Avon products that I would recommend?

Well, since Winter is coming here in Australia, it's important to keep your skin moisturised and refreshed throughout the next few months. Yes, the air here is really really DRY.
I'd recommend quite a number:
  • the FootWorks range of footcare products for cracked skin, foot soaks, and healing & moisturising creams.(from $3.99.)
  • Moisturising hand-creams ( a wide range of creams at affordable prices-from $1.99.)
  • Moisturing body creams & lotions.(from $3.99.)
  • Lip Balms (from $1.99.)
As for the rest of the products, well, it depends on what your needs are lor.


Silver Fox said...

Umm, you might wanna relabel your labels with commas in-between or it'll work like how you've just labelled it :P

Aaaaaanyway, all the best with being Avon Girl. Too bad I won't be around to see you with make-up on (it's a rare sight back here to see hime-sama having make-up)... (^o^)

cheayee said...

Uncle...this hime-sama wears makeup when she goes all the time??!!!

umm, what about my labels? I think that they are all right lar.

Silver Fox said...

Separating your labels with commas will ensure a wider hit range. If ppl search for 'Avon' or 'free profit', your blog will be listed in their search.

But since you're using 'Avon free profit sales get-rich-quick schemes money' (that's a lot to say in one breath!), it's kinda hard to hit the jackpot, ne?

And by the way...
Uncle your head arr~! :P

Must be bad lighting lor, me guess...

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