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When the time is right.

I've vowed not to think about it. But it comes back every now and then. There are times when I feel strong. There are times when I do not want to think about it, but yet I still think about it.

It is during these times, when I feel I can emphatize with how Sarah felt, when she awaited the news of her long awaited son...(to be conceived, that is). How can I say that I do not know that the Lord has a good plan for those who trust in Him, when He has already given us His promise?

I know He has given me the promise, and yet sometimes, I feel like breaking from the promise, which may end up compromising what I had waited all this while for. Each time I try to do that, I remember what Sarah did. and how her impatience has caused the nation of Israel to lose out much of their inheritance to another who lay claim to their land this very day.

Lord, help me be grateful for Your Providence you have for us. Let me not forget what You have promised, and wait patiently as you build & mould us into the very character You want us to be.

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