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Practice what you preach.

I just finished my 4th assignment.

3 assignments today!!!

1 Group Presentation

1 Solo Presentation.

Literacy Portfolio Part A.

*Whew..* Need to take a rest, and get back to assignments tomorrow...(actually tonight, but we'll see how it goes!).

Anyway, this came in the mail today. Yeah, I know how this and the last entry is so vastly different.... But anyway, yeah, this is my Connexion Group's Irene's testimony. So I thought her honesty here may encourage others to do the same... :-P

I went to McDonald's to buy dinner tonight. My total purchase was RM8.72. I had a RM5 gift voucher, so I used it to pay for the purchase. After punching in the numbers and the coupon, the young man at the cashier counter told me that the balance payment is RM1.28. I was at a drive-thru. I paid the cash, went to the next window to pick up my order and left.
As I was driving away, something bugged me. I knew that the RM1.28 was not the right amount to be paid. I stopped my car and looked at the receipt, then started to drive away. The calculations ran thru my mind. The cashier had punched in the the voucher as RM10 instead of RM5. And the excess is RM1.28 (being RM10 less RM8.72). I should have paid RM3.72 instead of RM1.28.

I was already driving towards home when this hit me. I could not decide if I should go back and tell the restaurant about the mistake or just proceed home as the amount was rather small. As I was thinking and driving, suddenly I saw that the road ahead me had been blocked. Apparently, the are doing some improvement on that road. Then it hit me ... God wants me to be honest. Since I can't go further down the road, I could only do a u-turn and that means I am heading back to the restaurant! So I went back towards the restaurant, when I got there, I went in to explain to the manager and staff what had happened. It took them about 2 minutes to understand the maths I was trying to explain to them. Then they realised that I had came to PAY them, not complaining and asking for refund. The cashier was amazed and he said Thank You, more than 3 times. I lost count after the 3rd time :)
Almost every week, my Sunday school 4 year olds was taught "Don't sin, don't lie, don't steal". I am glad I practiced what I preached. God is real.
Leviticus 19:11 "You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another"

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