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Long Long Time Ago...

Today it's back to work for entire Australia. Yup, a long 4 day public holiday weekend. How nice.
Of course not as nice as KL. The only problem is that the public transport here (meaning Toowoomba) took a holiday as well. :-P That was not very nice. *sticks tongue out* *Blah*

My housemate H, commented that Woolworths decided to charge extra for their perishable goods coz its the first day after the holidays. We could barely find a push-cart trolley, that I had to wait a while before getting it. She left earlier, and I waited for Breaker to finish his shopping before going home.

Anyway, I just returned from a mate's (Long Long) birthday dinner. Everyone who attended the party is a Hongkie.

Did we come to Australia to practise our English speaking skills, or Cantonese? Not that my Cantonese is that great for the record anyways. I guess one of the ways that a person learns to speak (or marginally communicate) is not knowing all those difficult words, but finding other similar words to enable them to express themselves kwah. Hmm....yeah. and the fact that my hsemates repeat a lot of the English phrases after me.

(I guess those Literacy texts do come in handy after all. *LOL*)


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