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The man who was Joseph.

What's so good about this man that he deserves a post about him?

The man who was the father of Jesus. Not the one up there, but that earthly man who was destined to be his earthly father.

Last night I watched The Nativity Story starring Keisha Castle-Hughes & Oscar Isaac. The Bible did not say much about this man Joseph, but as per the customs of the day (and even now in many of the middle eastern societies), a woman who was found pregnant before marriage would be stoned to death. What more two thousand years ago...!

What stood out abt the story is not so much abt the birth of Jesus Christ, but the people who were to be his earthly father and mother. In fact, in the movie, it did not really focus much about the baby Jesus either.

In fact, if ever, Joseph was a man to be reckoned with. Sure, in the story, he had no money and was portrayed as a poor carpenter in King Herod's Day. But his character showed sacrifice, commitment and love to a woman who bore a child which wasn't his to begin with. The willingness to entire way to protect a woman both physically and emotionally.

This is the kind of man who is worth waiting for. Someone every woman should hope, and pray they could get. Someone, I pray, God willing, in His time, will send me too.

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