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Like rabbits.

I don't know how my friend, D managed to live under the same house for weeks, (he's moved out to another unit) but last night from where my chambers were, I could hear this couple going at it like rabbits....If D didn't tell me, I'd have ignored it. But since he already did...

In the stillness of the night (about midnight), I heard a female's voice moaning from out my window. It kept on getting louder and louder.

What the...?! I thought.

Then it stopped. Then the woman's moaning kept going louder and insisting. I shuddered and called D up.

"Wah!!! So loud one ah???!!" he exclaimed.

Fortunately, it stopped after 15 minutes. I could continue with my beauty sleep after that!!

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SilverFOX said...

Darn bunnies - they just keep multiplying and multiplying. Someone should've sent the vet to cull them on the spot... (-_-;)

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