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When the time is right.


When the time is right.

I've vowed not to think about it. But it comes back every now and then. There are times when I feel strong. There are times when I do not want to think about it, but yet I still think about it.

It is during these times, when I feel I can emphatize with how Sarah felt, when she awaited the news of her long awaited son...(to be conceived, that is). How can I say that I do not know that the Lord has a good plan for those who trust in Him, when He has already given us His promise?

I know He has given me the promise, and yet sometimes, I feel like breaking from the promise, which may end up compromising what I had waited all this while for. Each time I try to do that, I remember what Sarah did. and how her impatience has caused the nation of Israel to lose out much of their inheritance to another who lay claim to their land this very day.

Lord, help me be grateful for Your Providence you have for us. Let me not forget what You have promised, and wait patiently as you build & mould us into the very character You want us to be.
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Chicken rice to music, anyone?


Chicken rice to music, anyone?

I thought I was going to faint...when I saw this. Got it from Aaron.
Courtesy of the guys from Ruggeds, (or whatevr they are called these days) for the 2005 Star Night Star Bright Xmas.

Stars: Winston, David, Jack, Por Vin, Pst.Balan.
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Food for thought.


Food for thought.

Rachel graduated today. With her, she brought her family and a friend.

You know, sometimes the very thing that we thought we would get, and was hoping to get turns out differently, and we get something different in return instead.

Not to say that I don't believe I can't get what I want, but sometimes fate plays a hand in changing the way things turn out.

The lesson to be learnt?

Be flexible.

Anyway, we were discussing Genesis earlier. My roomies were joking abt me unable to find camels in HK to water so that I could find a husband and be decorated with jewels and diamonds, .... when Kevin quipped, I know... can find them at zoos!!! ZZZZzzz...

*Right, funny. Funny Kevin..*
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The check-in cheque.


The check-in cheque.

I just banked in a cheque into a local bank here.

It only has the initials of my first name and my last name printed on the cheque.
When I received the cheque in the mail earlier, I went "what the???"

As it is, I didn't know if the bank will accept the cheque since it only had my initials. As such, since pract starts tomorrow, and there were no other days free to get to the bank, I decided to go today, even if it means me walking back and forth again, although I just came from uni.

Well...well, I was really surprised by the response that the bank gave.

Apparently in Australia, the banking practice is that customers only need to print the initials of their first name (and maybe middle name) and the last name as well.

I find it's a scary system as anyone who picks up your cheque, and if they have the same initials (and touch wood) the same last name, they can pretend to be you....... Zzzzzz..

Apart from that, if you want to withdraw money, my housemate related to me the incident that all she needed was a bankcard, and your pin-number to withdraw (they have card readers at the counter), and that also no form of photo identification was needed as the bankcard was sufficient identification...... *scary!!!*. If anyone had scheming intentions, they could easily manipulate the system if they wanted to!!

The lady at the counter did tell me that she did notice that many of the students also asked for their full name on their cheques. If you are wondering, the practice in Malaysia (and most Asian countries) is that if your name was written incorrectly on the cheque by even one letter, the counter or the bank will automatically reject your cheque, and the cheque will be treated as bounced, and (may) charge a processing fee for that. Technically I feel safer with this system, as I'm used to it, and people are more careful on what they write on cheques anyways.

The other thing about banks here is the 100 point system. Because there is no national Identification Card in place here (because of the assumption that it supposedly infringes on the rights of the citizen b.s), financial institutions here utilize a different identification system, where each type of form identification carries a weight of certain points. The main identification being Drivers' Licence, Passports, Student IDs and maybe letters from the educational institutions, as well as identifications with a photo.

The govt did try implementing it here some time back, but the people lobbied against it...So there...just remember to bring your drivers' licence, passport and some form of photo identification if you come here..... :-P
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Practice what you preach.


Practice what you preach.

I just finished my 4th assignment.

3 assignments today!!!

1 Group Presentation

1 Solo Presentation.

Literacy Portfolio Part A.

*Whew..* Need to take a rest, and get back to assignments tomorrow...(actually tonight, but we'll see how it goes!).

Anyway, this came in the mail today. Yeah, I know how this and the last entry is so vastly different.... But anyway, yeah, this is my Connexion Group's Irene's testimony. So I thought her honesty here may encourage others to do the same... :-P

I went to McDonald's to buy dinner tonight. My total purchase was RM8.72. I had a RM5 gift voucher, so I used it to pay for the purchase. After punching in the numbers and the coupon, the young man at the cashier counter told me that the balance payment is RM1.28. I was at a drive-thru. I paid the cash, went to the next window to pick up my order and left.
As I was driving away, something bugged me. I knew that the RM1.28 was not the right amount to be paid. I stopped my car and looked at the receipt, then started to drive away. The calculations ran thru my mind. The cashier had punched in the the voucher as RM10 instead of RM5. And the excess is RM1.28 (being RM10 less RM8.72). I should have paid RM3.72 instead of RM1.28.

I was already driving towards home when this hit me. I could not decide if I should go back and tell the restaurant about the mistake or just proceed home as the amount was rather small. As I was thinking and driving, suddenly I saw that the road ahead me had been blocked. Apparently, the are doing some improvement on that road. Then it hit me ... God wants me to be honest. Since I can't go further down the road, I could only do a u-turn and that means I am heading back to the restaurant! So I went back towards the restaurant, when I got there, I went in to explain to the manager and staff what had happened. It took them about 2 minutes to understand the maths I was trying to explain to them. Then they realised that I had came to PAY them, not complaining and asking for refund. The cashier was amazed and he said Thank You, more than 3 times. I lost count after the 3rd time :)
Almost every week, my Sunday school 4 year olds was taught "Don't sin, don't lie, don't steal". I am glad I practiced what I preached. God is real.
Leviticus 19:11 "You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another"

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Like rabbits.


Like rabbits.

I don't know how my friend, D managed to live under the same house for weeks, (he's moved out to another unit) but last night from where my chambers were, I could hear this couple going at it like rabbits....If D didn't tell me, I'd have ignored it. But since he already did...

In the stillness of the night (about midnight), I heard a female's voice moaning from out my window. It kept on getting louder and louder.

What the...?! I thought.

Then it stopped. Then the woman's moaning kept going louder and insisting. I shuddered and called D up.

"Wah!!! So loud one ah???!!" he exclaimed.

Fortunately, it stopped after 15 minutes. I could continue with my beauty sleep after that!!
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Au Revoir, my friends!

Alan came and gone. But he left us an inprint of happy memories.The most recent, his expert hands hard at work on the Canon EOS Digital 350D Digital.

Will miss you very much, brother!





The past occupants of unit 135.
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The man who was Joseph.


The man who was Joseph.

What's so good about this man that he deserves a post about him?

The man who was the father of Jesus. Not the one up there, but that earthly man who was destined to be his earthly father.

Last night I watched The Nativity Story starring Keisha Castle-Hughes & Oscar Isaac. The Bible did not say much about this man Joseph, but as per the customs of the day (and even now in many of the middle eastern societies), a woman who was found pregnant before marriage would be stoned to death. What more two thousand years ago...!

What stood out abt the story is not so much abt the birth of Jesus Christ, but the people who were to be his earthly father and mother. In fact, in the movie, it did not really focus much about the baby Jesus either.

In fact, if ever, Joseph was a man to be reckoned with. Sure, in the story, he had no money and was portrayed as a poor carpenter in King Herod's Day. But his character showed sacrifice, commitment and love to a woman who bore a child which wasn't his to begin with. The willingness to entire way to protect a woman both physically and emotionally.

This is the kind of man who is worth waiting for. Someone every woman should hope, and pray they could get. Someone, I pray, God willing, in His time, will send me too.
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Long Long Time Ago...

Today it's back to work for entire Australia. Yup, a long 4 day public holiday weekend. How nice.
Of course not as nice as KL. The only problem is that the public transport here (meaning Toowoomba) took a holiday as well. :-P That was not very nice. *sticks tongue out* *Blah*

My housemate H, commented that Woolworths decided to charge extra for their perishable goods coz its the first day after the holidays. We could barely find a push-cart trolley, that I had to wait a while before getting it. She left earlier, and I waited for Breaker to finish his shopping before going home.

Anyway, I just returned from a mate's (Long Long) birthday dinner. Everyone who attended the party is a Hongkie.

Did we come to Australia to practise our English speaking skills, or Cantonese? Not that my Cantonese is that great for the record anyways. I guess one of the ways that a person learns to speak (or marginally communicate) is not knowing all those difficult words, but finding other similar words to enable them to express themselves kwah. Hmm....yeah. and the fact that my hsemates repeat a lot of the English phrases after me.

(I guess those Literacy texts do come in handy after all. *LOL*)

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Running Running Low.


Running Running Low.

Its Easter holidays here. Well, Easter or no Easter, I have like a ton of assignments I have to complete by the time uni starts.

The worst part of living in Toowoomba is that the public bus here didn't run for 3 days!! Friday, Saturday and Monday!! This is really bad, especially for us students who depend entirely on public transportation to move around.

My household is running low on supplies and we have no way of going out anywhere to get anything.

This is SAD.
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