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Molar or Moolah?

Hahaha....if only my teeth could talk...*yeah right*.

I have never actually broached the subject of the 3rd molars, or wisdom teeth as they are more commonly known.

To date, I have already had 3 of my 3rd molars removed, except for one remaining on the right side of my jaw. Hmm...another 4 permanent ones removed for the orthodontic treatment...and the bloody one on Tuesday. In total, I have had 8 of my permanent teeth removed.

Lovely topic, I say.

Let's just say that in approaching this subject, I found out there are many of my mates who are due for their 3rd molar removal, and some I might say, suffering in pain, but refuse to do it, because the treatment costs just too much to be performed in Australia anyway.

I managed to have my molars removed for practically no charge as I had it done at a state hospital in KL....the dentist just shoo-ed me off after the surgery. It was almost 3 years ago, so I really could not remember much about it then. I know that I had the set of lower and upper 3rd molars removed on my left, with the lower one (causing most problem). But I could remember eating congee for days on end after that, unable to talk much in the preceding days.

Them 3rd molars are a cause of a huge headache to most adults, because for me, it cause the death of its neighbouring molar(which is the one i removed recently). Anyway, I have now one remaining asymptomatic 3rd molar, which according to current studies state may not be wise to remove, if it poses no problems. Well, we'll see about that.

I think I will just withdraw the upgrade of the Student Plus cover as I doubt I'd be utilizing it at any moment anyway...

Molar or no Molar, I need a bit more Moolah....

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Passionista said...

Talk about molars. I need to have four of them removed, my wisdom teeth. the dentist told me to see the orthodontist, since I want to get my teeth straightened. the orthodontist will recommend removing other teeth to make space, then I go to the dental surgeon to have a whole bunch of biters extracted. then back to the ortho for braces...

yeah, lots of moolah.

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