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This is your captain speaking.

This is my last entry in KL. As from 2 hours from now, my "driver", as I shall call him, shall
be picking me up from my home. My flight is at 11:30pm tonight. So my next entry will be written once I have set up everything in Toowoomba, and I have everything settled.

To you guys, it's been a great last week in KL.

Kudos to Hussein for coming down all the way from Nilai. At least you got to make another new friend. Grace, it's great that you get to meet the Connexions. They will be in touch.
To the rest of the Connexions, it's been great meeting Meng-Meng, Chloe, and Yuen Yee.
To Katherine, Gladys, all the best to your upcoming wedding preparations. Just get my angpow ready by the time I return!! *hehe*

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