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The Dentist.

I finally got the darn tooth removed.

If there is one thing I detest doing is going to the dentist. Having some stranger poking some instrument in the gap on your face is the last thing I want anyone doing to my face. But it's all done. Thank heavens that hell does not prevaileth long..!

3 shots of localised anaesthesia. 2 xrays of my tooth. The total cost burned my pocket and I think i won't be spending much in a while....

Thankfully, although I planned on taking the bus home, I was too groggy and dizzy to walk home. Fortunately I had someone from church pick me up to go home. Even if your jaw is bleeding, and u can't talk coz it's flooded with red swathed saliva, the SMS does all the talking for you...Yeeahhh!! My housemates could only wonder in amazement when I told them what happened. Haha.

Recently a new Student Plus Cover was introduced (on top of the normal compulsory student insurance). However, there is a waiting period of 2months before claims can be made. (personally, i feel that 2 months marginalises consumers with the wait period, say as compared to one month instead.) Although there is a 30-day cooling off period too.

If u guys are wondering why I haven't been blogging much, thats coz I have not been able to have internet access at home for the past one month. Its driving everyone nuts, so I have had to run off to Unit 88 for that very reason. Hehe. Although Jiaren thinks otherwise. Haha. ;-)

There will be a wedding held at church this Saturday. The girls cant wait, coz it's one of those times they get to dress up *prettily*. The guys will dress up too...*hehe*. I can just imagine my previous housemate, Anthony W. all dressed up in a smart collared shirt. Btw, he got water baptized on Sunday! Congratulations Anthony W. !! Of course, females being females, they are wondering if there are any hunky males attending the wedding this week. ;-) You know how females everywhere are like. They will do their nails, find the prettiest dress, do make-up. etc. etc. the week before going for a wedding dinner...Hehe.

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